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    Hacking GBA linkage in iTouch Ds

    How do i put it working? I have a m3 real expansion pack and it works without gba exploader, but i don't know how to do gba link. Edit: I've dicoverd how to do it. Go to the gba rom that you want and press y, then go to the nds rom that you want and load it normaly.
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    delete post

    i want to know how to delete a post
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    name of a topic

    how can i change a name of a topic?
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    Hacking iTouch Multiboot

    iTouch DS / iTouch 2 Kernels and Boot Loaders Info: This kernel is only for iTouch DS and iTouch 2. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to Install: Copy whatever is inside the archive downloaded in the root of...
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    Gaming psp quest

    i have a psp how can i play games in the mem card?
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