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  1. Shahaan

    Hardware Hacking Homebrew May have bricked, now what?

    So after trying to get my Cartridges to read (yes I disabled AutoNoGC it didn't work) and seeing my H.O.S was 6.2.0 somehow and I couldn't boot to OFW and didn't know how to proceed I decided to update to 13.2.0 with daybreak (FAT32) from 11.0.1 Then this stuff happened, booting from fusee...
  2. Shahaan

    How can I find out what kind of .pak files I'm dealing with?

    I've noticed that pak files could be anything so I came here I'm dealing with Akatsuki Blitzkampf, a 2D fighting game from 2007 and its got a data.pak file, but tools for pak files are usually targeted towards certain games or engines so I'm stumped I've tried looking in a hex editor to see if I...
  3. Shahaan

    ROM Hack Question What is the general procedure of making 60fps patches for switch games?

    To me so far it looks like people go into the game files and alter values It looks like these patches target files in the game and change a couple of values to make them, but I can't fathom how you'd find the target file and those values (EdiZon maybe?) I want to get Gal*Gun Returns running at...
  4. Shahaan

    Gaming Color bleed and filtering (and scaling) on the virtual Wii?

    I've tried using the vWii across two TVs but its still off putting, Its not an issue with the HDMI cable since I've tried several to the same result but I can notice a bit of color bleeding on the edges of some things in Wii games, sometimes it looks fine with specific colors (it seems) albeit...
  5. Shahaan

    Gaming How much music is switched around/removed in No More Heroes HD?

    I want to compile a list for the sake of thoroughness, as I want to mod them back in for users with modified systems. So far I've come up on Heavenly Star (they didn't renew the license) and K ENT that plays in the area where the lady gives you assassination gigs (no clue why they left that out)...
  6. Shahaan

    Hacking How do game mods work?

    My PSVita is on 3.68 with h-encore. I'm trying to mod a European NoNpDRM version of Persona 4 Golden (The mods in question give me a free camera, and the other mod turns Yosuke into a hardcore weed addict) for Persona games specifically there's a tool made by TGEnigma and Shrinefox called the...
  7. Shahaan

    Region free games for softomodding of the Xbox?

    As far as I know theres 5 games you can use to softmod the Xbox, but I can't remember the last one so... Yeah, I'd like to know if the PAL versions of the following are region free on the Xbox: James Bond 007 Agent Under Fire Mech Assult Splinter Cell (I know Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 is region...
  8. Shahaan

    Homebrew Anyway to homebrew the VWii without using either the 1 or - buttons?

    So yeah my Wii motion plus has some problems with the 1 and - buttons so I was wondering if there was a way to homebrew that VWii without using those buttons while I wait on a fix and replacement for my Wii remote my goal is to be able to load up a backup
  9. Shahaan

    Gaming Any way to fix the 1 button?

    So one day out of no where my 1 button on my Wii motion plus slowly stopped responding and now it doesn't work all together the button still pushes in fine, I just don't get a response out of it so what could be the issue, and what would the solution be (preferably without taking it apart since...
  10. Shahaan

    Homebrew Question Anyway to use custom wads on Doom?

    I'm wondering if theres a way to use custom wads with doom they require the actual game but they are a wad file
  11. Shahaan

    Homebrew Question MSX and PCECD

    Both MSX and PCengine CD games do not work on retroarch, just results in a black screen, I do have the PCECD bios and I'm trying to run rondo of blood and I'm trying to run a PAL copy of Metal Gear but theres nothing though just the game
  12. Shahaan

    Homebrew Question Super Mario 64 not playing so good

    Alright so I'm playing a patch of SM64 on retroarch that makes it play in widescreen 60 fps and theres some small stuttering but I can live with that the main issue is the frames drop hard when I go into a big area in Bobomb battle field while I'm on the topic is it possible to get Conker's...
  13. Shahaan

    Homebrew Question Anyway to play PS1 games in widescreen on retroarch

    I mean, the title says it all I guess :p
  14. Shahaan

    Homebrew Games installed on SD not working

    So just randomly games installed on my micro SD crash when I open them I can still play cartridge games and stuff installed on the system memory but not the SD there were NSP installed games and eShop ones on there bu neither work now? Is this a common problem and can I fix it? (my retroarch...
  15. Shahaan

    Homebrew Question Mupen 64 resolution crash

    So, I want to try and up the internal resolution in Mupen 64 plus on retroarch (overclocked of course) but when I do change the game resolution retroarch crashes on me anyway around this? Also Super Mario 64 is stuttering quite a bit, so if theres anyway to circumvent this that would be...
  16. Shahaan

    Hacking USB Storage device disconnected Wii injection

    I got a USB stick but now when injecting a game and launching it with both my CFW's I get "The USB storage device has been disconnected" and an error code of 160-0106 the region for my game is correct and I used the same title key as listed on the website so I'm at a loss here
  17. Shahaan

    Hacking Wii VC Injector (NAND) System Memory Error

    I know about the consequences that come with injecting a Wii game into the Wii U on the NAND it was dumb but thankfully my system isn't bricked So I tried Installing Dragon Ball Z BT3 since my Wii remote went faulty and I couldn't play my copy of the game. This time around it installed alright...
  18. Shahaan

    Hacking Error in TecnoMoon's Wii VC injector

    I'm trying to inject Naruto Shipudden Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 but I keep on getting this error my game is a WBFS file
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