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    Hacking Question A way to bypass or nullify parental controls?

    well they just put parental controls on my switch with the app and everything for some reason, and I knew it would happen and I anticipated it, there was a way to bypass it with the inquiry number or something but now it is more complicated I think plus the app, because when I go to help when...
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    Hacking Problem with new 3ds menu on luma3ds

    So I was playing monster hunter xx and I went to see if enabling the l2 chache and clock to 804hmz would make the game go faster, and to my surprise they were already enabled, and I was like ''what?'' So I disabled them and deleted all the files of mhxx and started playing mh4 and I went to...
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    ROM Hack [Question] can you connect TWiLight Menu++ on the 3ds to the internet to play Ds games online ?

    So I was playing goldeneye 007 and I wanted to try if I could play online, I go to the thing that is for searching global matches and it says that there are no compatible access points, and I see that the little icon of wifi is red so no wifi, so I go and try to find a way to connect to the...
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