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  1. SnackJr

    Nintendo sold 160,000 Wii physical games during the first three months of 2021

    Proud to be two of those sales with RCR and Shakedown Hawaii. My Wii still getting more use than any console in my house.
  2. SnackJr

    Tutorial [Guide] Community noob guide to Wii U hacking

    Thanks for the reply. What's the alternative (if there is one)?
  3. SnackJr

    Tutorial [Guide] Community noob guide to Wii U hacking

    Instead of making a new thread I'll ask here. Recently installed loadiine and downloaded some DS games to mixed results... Sonic and Sega Racing worked great The World Ends with You works until the first battle then freezes Batman: The Brave and The Bold is like a slide show Super Princess...
  4. SnackJr

    Gaming Minecraft For Wii?

    Is it me or does this topic pop up a lot?
  5. SnackJr

    Gaming Does Nintendo still support the Wii?

    Far as I’m aware there haven’t been updated in ages.
  6. SnackJr

    Misc Wii Activision Servers Officially Dead (Goldeneye, COD)

    Appreciate you all correcting me. I guess I’m going to have to get into the COD scene.
  7. SnackJr

    Misc Wii Activision Servers Officially Dead (Goldeneye, COD)

    Disappointing but was only a matter of time. Activision's servers lasted a whopping 10 years, even outlasting Nintendo's GameSpy servers. Lots of fun playing Goldeneye and Modern Warfare. Now the question is, will wiimmfi pick up the ball and make the online playable again. Sources...
  8. SnackJr

    Gaming Wii Only Games List??

    Epic post. Now enlighten us on NPC Chibi-Robo. I’ve never heard of it until now.
  9. SnackJr

    Gaming Is it ok to download wads from internet since Wii Shop Channel is closed?

    What this guy said. On another note this illustrates a problem with digital-only titles across the board. Always buy physical copies if possible.
  10. SnackJr

    Gaming Wii Only Games List??

    Annnyways, this isn’t want you asked for, OP but here’s a list of all Wii special editions as well. This thread would be a nice point of reference for collectors on here. To my knowledge it’s up to date.
  11. SnackJr

    Gaming How do you make a wii game

    How is babby formed? How girl get pragnant?
  12. SnackJr

    Gaming Wii Only Games List??

    Chill dude.
  13. SnackJr

    Gaming In Person Wii Tournaments

    I’d be all over this but I’m down south. Good luck with your event!
  14. SnackJr

    Gaming Why was Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for Wii never released?

    I would say space. As much as I love the Wii, it chugged along just a bit better than a microwave.
  15. SnackJr

    Gaming Attention: New Wii brickers may be popping up

    I just want to know why? Are you that bored that you have to stoop to being malicious to entertain yourself? C'mon, man.
  16. SnackJr

    Gaming What would be your favorite Wii game, and why?

    I don't know if I can choose just one. As far as time spent, I'm going to go with either Goldeneye or Brawl. Conduit 2 is a close runner-up, Boy and his Blob is up there too.
  17. SnackJr

    Gaming Sonic and The Black Knight

    I never played '06 because of the overwhelming backlash, but it already, in my eyes would have a leg-up on Black Knight simply because of standard controls. The motion controls in BK are pretty bad, combined with everything else I listed above. I still stand by my opinion that the presentation...
  18. SnackJr

    Gaming Why isn't the 480p "fix" a bigger deal? It should be!

    I'm tempted to try it, but don't want to screw with my Wii anymore. I'm afraid ol' girl will brick on me someday.
  19. SnackJr

    Gaming Sonic and The Black Knight

    I didn't defend it? I don't know why you're trying to start an argument with me about this. There is absolutely nothing in my OP that warranted this unnecessary aggression from you. I just wanted to talk about a video game. You really need to chill out.
  20. SnackJr

    Gaming Sonic and The Black Knight

    Well this is a discussion board where you come to you know, discuss things. The critical reception wasn't all negative, heck, Nintendo Power gave it an 8 out of 10. There are fans out there of the storybook series, and I was hoping to get some different opinions on this game, maybe look at it...
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