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  1. Hucz

    Gaming Ultra Sun: Edit trainer ID and starter ID

    I only have access to Windows XP at the moment, and PKHex can't run on this OS. The editor that runs on the 3DS doesn't have the ability to edit my trainer ID or Pokémon's ID. All I need is for someone to take the attached save file and run it through PKHex and to change my trainer ID from...
  2. Hucz

    Homebrew System Transfer's 7 Day Wait Period: Can we bypass it?

    I have two systems, one with CFW and I was attempting to install CFW on the second unit using DSiWarehax and system transfer. I missed a step however and so I need to redo the transfer. I've heard of spoofing and running the check through a proxy and somehow interferring with the way the systems...
  3. Hucz

    Hacking Copying Installed .CIA Game Folders from one system to another?

    I have an OG Nintendo 3DS with the latest Luma CFW installed on the current 11.6 version. I used OCS on 11.3 to install CFW and then system updated. I installed some backup .CIA files for a few of my games to play some Smash mods and Pokémon randomizers using FBI and everything works great. I...
  4. Hucz

    Homebrew Removing Intro Music in Home Menu When Selecting Game Title

    I have Luma CFW and my 3DS is hacked. Is there anyway I can remove the music/sound that plays on a 3DS game's title screen when I'm in the Home Menu? The sound that plays is annoying and I prefer to listen to the background music that my custom theme has. Ideally, the short sound that plays when...
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