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  1. Yoshi9288

    Hacking I need Help with an Bricked New 3DS

    Hi i have here an New 3DS wich is bricked and i already tried an CTRNAND restore but this didnt worked now im trying to use the Lazarus3DS Script and have all files ready except for the sighax_hdr.bin file. My question is How can i get this file beacuse i really need it. Can i dump this File...
  2. Yoshi9288

    Gaming Giveaway: Mighty Gunvolt Downloadcode for US eShop

    Hi i have here an Mighty Gunvolt Downloadcode for the US eShop and i am willing to give it away for free the first one who post here will get it for free. The reason why i give this Code away is im a Mighty No. 9 backer and recieved this Code for Mighty Gunvolt, but i cannot use it because im an...
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