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  1. SnackJr

    Misc Wii Activision Servers Officially Dead (Goldeneye, COD)

    Disappointing but was only a matter of time. Activision's servers lasted a whopping 10 years, even outlasting Nintendo's GameSpy servers. Lots of fun playing Goldeneye and Modern Warfare. Now the question is, will wiimmfi pick up the ball and make the online playable again. Sources...
  2. SnackJr

    Gaming Sonic and The Black Knight

    Just tried Sonic and The Black Knight a while ago and wasn't thrilled with it. Granted, I maybe played it ten minutes before turning it off. The potential is there, cool environments, story, cool character designs and music. The gameplay is just rubbing me the wrong way. The waggle here is...
  3. SnackJr

    Gaming Chex Quest for GBA

    Since modding is a thing for the GBA port of DOOM 2, if someone wanted to port Chex Quest to the GBA, would it be possible?
  4. SnackJr

    Gaming Censored/Alternative Versions of Wii Titles

    Since coming to these forums, I've came across discussions of alternative versions of significant Wii games. One being the bloodless PAL port of No More Heroes and the other being the "improved" Japanese port of Epic Mickey. My question is, what else is out there? I would love to see a...
  5. SnackJr

    Misc Obscure Multiplayer For Anyone Interested

    I keep an eye on the Wiimmfi servers pretty frequently, but it's mostly Mario Kart and Smash Bros. If anyone's interested, I'm available to play TMNT: Smash Up, and Conduit 2. I'm not a pro at either, but it would be nice to play some games online just for nostalgia purposes. (On a side note...
  6. SnackJr

    Gaming Wii Fans, Are You Out There?

    I've been playing the Wii pretty consistently for over 10 years. Between emulators, Gamecube games and the Wii library, my console gets a pretty heavy workout. I actually just beat The Last Story for the first time a few days ago. When I look around online, it's like the rest of the "gaming"...
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