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  1. jesterscourt

    New trailer for 'Cyberpunk: Edgerunners' anime released

    I'm always down for some more Cyberpunk-esque media. CDPR definitely dropped the ball with the initial release of CP2077, but the game was pretty stable (don't use quick resume) on my Xbox Series S.
  2. jesterscourt

    Homebrew Emulation ScummVM 2.6.0 released, includes DSi version.

    The DS version supported the touch screen, it would be a bit of regression if the DSi version didn't.
  3. jesterscourt

    Trinket M0

    Thank you as always!
  4. jesterscourt

    Trinket M0

    Well I got it fixed - turns out the Trinket was toast, and they were able to replace it, and then get a fresh emuNAND due to whatever was going wrong with it. Thankfully the MicroSD card was fine. So now... I'm on 9.1.0 AMS 1.3.2. E I would still like to update to 14.x - Is Daybreak still...
  5. jesterscourt

    Trinket M0

    Nope, not plugged in.
  6. jesterscourt

    Trinket M0

    Sadly, no.
  7. jesterscourt

    Trinket M0

    Nothing. No lights, no logo, no sounds.
  8. jesterscourt

    Trinket M0

    Okay so after going into maintenance mode (and not click on anything, just turning it off again - stuck on black screen. It had a full battery. With or without microSD card inserted, same response.
  9. jesterscourt

    Trinket M0

    I may have celebrated prematurely. I cannot launch most of my games, and get an error, "Failed to register placeholder NCA" in multiple installers. Uninstalling game updates says it is "uninstalled successfully", but then shows "delete failed" I have used a Mac before to update files, and I...
  10. jesterscourt

    Trinket M0

    Alright we are back in business, able to boot into Atmosphere and EmuNand, I was able to install 14.1.2! Thank you so much!
  11. jesterscourt

    Trinket M0

    Sounds good, I downloaded Hekate, renamed the bin file, placed it in the root and overwrote the old one, used AIO to update Hekate and Atmosphere, and it told me to reboot. After the reboot, it launched into Hekate v5.8.0 which is good. Clicking to launch the CFW (emuMMC) I get Atmosphere...
  12. jesterscourt

    Trinket M0

    Here's the payload in the root Opening up the file in BBEdit - I seen an octopus ASCII graphic and the word "switchbrew" and that's the only bit of text I can make out.
  13. jesterscourt

    Trinket M0

    Sad to say but I had someone else set this up for me initially - how can I check?
  14. jesterscourt

    Trinket M0

    I am on 13.0.0. AMS with Trinket - what is the process to update the firmware on emuNAND and Atmosphere?
  15. jesterscourt

    Jim Ryan says first-party Sony games won't be coming to new PlayStation Plus on release day

    Every new detail we get about the service is a negative one, Sony really doesn't have a clue.
  16. jesterscourt

    I think I bought a

    Did you reach out and ask the seller to give you the SD card or at least AN SD card with the files copied over to it?
  17. jesterscourt

    Hacking 3DS hacking after eShop shuts down

    --CUT-- Edit: I stand corrected, I must have been looking at forks and not the main GitHub repo.
  18. jesterscourt

    Nintendo is shutting down the Wii U and 3DS eShop in March 2023

    Follow the guide. Read it carefully, but it will walk you through it, step by step. Don't bother with Youtube tutorials, they are often out of date, or missing a critical step.
  19. jesterscourt

    'The Wolf Among Us 2' revealed

    Hopefully they will have a new/refined engine, god the jank on every single Telltale game was awful. The first Walking Dead game, the Fable game, and the Borderlands games were all pretty good storywise, but ... please sort out the engine and optimize it a bit.
  20. jesterscourt

    Kingdom Hearts series launches on the Switch this February, available only through cloud streaming

    SE are fucking delusional with the pricing. It's a shame that they didn't even try to port KH1+2.
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