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  1. the_otsutsuki

    gameboy virtual console save help

    hey all, i'm trying to find a way to convert my pokemon crystal save from my modded dsi to my modded 3ds. i know how to use godmode9 and all that stuff but the save file size on the 3ds is 128kb and the save file for my dsi is 33kb. is there a converter i can put it through that will work for me...
  2. the_otsutsuki

    Gaming Ultra Moon ticket

    For the pre load is up on tikdevil and tikshop as of right now ;] enjoy everyone
  3. the_otsutsuki

    ROM Hack Metroid Samus Returns Fusion Save ;]

    Thanks to Wiifan420 on another site for helping me compile this!! (Just found out Wiifan420 is on here too!!!) Tested on OG 2ds, OG3ds, and new 3ds confirmed working on US AND EU games!!!! The 1st save file is Fusion mode with ALL of the Amiibos scanned (all extra tanks) *saved in the ship, no...
  4. the_otsutsuki

    Homebrew Quick ? So this flash card here Does it still have problems playing Pokémon black 2 ? Do I still need to patch the rom or whatever it is to play it ? Or does the newest firmware for the flashcard fix this ? Just a little curious before I get my r4 card in...
  5. the_otsutsuki

    Homebrew Is it possible ?

    for someone to make a new fasthax that works with 11.5 so we can install "legit" cias? Sorry if that's a dumb question. I'm just a little curious
  6. the_otsutsuki

    Homebrew Another noob question

    so what happens to my og 2ds with b9sif I just do a regular system transfer to my new 2dsxl ? I have a few "legit" cias and some other things on my og 2ds will surely transfer. But I'm curious as to what happens to the og 2ds. Does it still keep its b9s cfw ? Will my legit cias transfer to my...
  7. the_otsutsuki

    Hacking FlashCart question

    so I'm totally lost on this r4 thing right now. I would like to be able to play games like Pokémon volt white 2 and blaze black 2 on my new 2dsxl with STOCK FW. I WILL NOT be hacking this system and I am trying to find an r4 card that will simply let me play without having to "hack" my 3DS In...
  8. the_otsutsuki

    Hardware Whichever n3dsxls

    are more well known to have dual ips ? The hyrule edition ? The galaxy ? The red ? It's all so confusing to me lol I've come across a hyrule edition at GameStop and a couple of my friemds say that they usually have dual ips...but I don't wanna be that unlucky person to get it and it be a banned...
  9. the_otsutsuki

    Homebrew Been absent from the scene for awhile

    and i need some help updating some of my cfw systems I have three systems OG 3DS 2DS and a New 3DS Standard size they are all on 11.4.0-37U and all have A9LH installed can someone walk me through the process so I don't mess anything up please thanks in advance guys and gals
  10. the_otsutsuki

    Homebrew Safe to update to 11.4 ?

    hey all just curious if it is safe to update to the newest FW 11.4. I have these 3ds currently all running 11.3 a9lh+luma OG 3DS 2DS N3DS XL N3DS Standard All are running 11.3 a9lh and luma. I would update first through system settings or would I go to update luma first ?
  11. the_otsutsuki

    Hacking Help..please noob here

    so I just recently installed an ark bubble on my vita. Now I have NO CLUE WHAT IM DOING. I'm trying to play crisis core ffvii on my vita but I for the life of me CANNOT figure out what I'm doing wrong. Ive put the game in a psp save file, something I don't play and I got it to show up in the...
  12. the_otsutsuki

    Hacking Request for a kind person

    so I recently got a 1000 vita from my friend and I'm about to make a new psn for it but it's on firmware 3.61 :( can anyone install custom bubbles for me that will work (emulators and whatever else works) I know it seems like a big request but I do not have a PS3 or another vita system. Thank...
  13. the_otsutsuki

    Hacking Flame red 3ds

    so I just recieved a flame red 3ds and it's on 9.4.0-21u What should I do in terms of "jail breaking" it. I'm familiar with piliects guide as I did 2 new 3ds on 11.2 and a 2ds also on 11.2. Can anyone give me any advice ? Should I update it to 11.3 ?
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