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    Microsoft to acquire Activision Blizzard in record-setting $68.7 billion deal

    How is this deal allowed to go through? I am surprised it was not subject to anti-competition investigation.
  2. M has a $5 bundle of over 1,000 indie games and content to help raise money for Palestine

    I don't see the fate of the Palestinians changing anytime soon, not with the western powers dominating the world making the situation extremely favourable to the Israelis. Hamas is helping the Zionists more than the Palestinians by giving them an excuse (is it a coincidence that the Zionists...
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    Rumor Valve is reportedly working on a handheld gaming PC planned to launch later this year

    While I don't care about handheld PC gaming, the possibility that a device like this can improve the Linux gaming situation excites me. Hope this succeeds.
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    Joe Biden Wins - Becomes 46th president of the United States

    I am really glad to see Trump getting screwed over. Can't wait for his upcoming debt issues to make his future a nightmare. As for Biden, congratulations to him and the American people. I just hope Biden won't be a 3rd term Obama in terms of continuing to mess up the middle east like Obama.
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    [POLL] 2020 U.S. Presidential Election

    Bernie saw it coming from a mile away :rofl2:
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    [POLL] 2020 U.S. Presidential Election

    Wow what a race! The early voting stuff has made it way more interesting. Looks like Biden will take it, but the republicans will still keep the senate. But oh boy the polls were wrong or what? The way they collect data must be seriously flawed, specially in this age of internet and social media.
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    [POLL] 2020 U.S. Presidential Election

    Is this sarcasm? God couldn't find anyone better than one of the most morally deplorable persons to do his bidding?
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    Trump now in hospital

    Why would they use something untested/experimental if his condition was not serious?
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    Donald Trump announces he has COVID-19

    I hope he or members of his team did not give it to Biden on the debate night. I doubt Biden will survive the virus if he gets it.
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    Sony PlayStation 5 Showcase: September event - price and release date confirmed

    Turns out that it is actually cheaper in Canada. Already preordered 2 disc editions at CAD 629 (~USD 476.50) + taxes each.
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    Sony PlayStation 5 Showcase: September event - price and release date confirmed

    What's the price in Canada? Are US and Canada prices usually the same?
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    GRAVEN, 3D Realms’ Spiritual Successor to Hexen 2 Revealed

    I was scrolling down not paying much attention and as I briefly noticed the thumbnail, I thought this was a new Soul Reaver game almost giving me a heart attack. Man, how I long for a new Soul Reaver :cry:
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    [POLL] 2020 U.S. Presidential Election

    Not an American, but as an outsider, I would have really loved to see Bernie be the next POTUS. Seemed like the only guy with the guts to stand up to Israeli shenanigans and be a fair arbitrator in settling the issue. The current efforts are overwhelmingly one-sided.
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    Ubisoft Forward event - live coverage

    No info on Beyond Good & Evil 2? Disappointed.
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    PS5 event announced for next week [UPDATE 2] Event now set for June 11th

    It is all about the money with these big corporations. They don't care about anything else.
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    Hacking PS4 6.20 jailbreak

    I expect something to be released after TLoU 2 and Ghost of Tsushima come out as those are the last major titles on the PS4 and there is no compelling reason to hold off on releasing exploits anymore.
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    Homebrew No$gba 25 Apr 2020 - version 3.01

    How this guy manages to keep his emulator size so small amazes me.
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    Gaming Valkyria Chronicles 4 announced for Switch/PS4/XBO

    YES! Been waiting for ages. Wish they ported the PSP games though.
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