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  1. c0dehunter

    How do I install .NSP format games?

    Please refresh my memory: I have already copied a game in .NSP format onto the DUMPS folder of my miniSD card, but don't know how do I install it via TINFOIL. While we are at it, how do I install other formats as well (.XCI, eShop, etc.) Thanks!
  2. c0dehunter

    Dumping retail discs: how?

    Hey all, I was wondering if there is a method, that one can dump his/her own retail disc onto internal hdd (or the extended storage for that matter). I think I tried a feature in the Homebrew app, but the file was corrupted or something, I was wondering if there is an eaiser method, as it would...
  3. c0dehunter

    Trophies upload to PSN: While on CFW 9

    Hello all, I was wondering if I still could upload my unlocked trophies (playing games legit, while on CFW 9.0 that is)? Thanks!
  4. c0dehunter

    Payload Guest 0.97: Can it load WebRTE?

    I was wondering if instead of loading the WebRTE from WWW (and getting Not Enough Memory most of the time), we could simply load WebRTE (for PS4 Trainer purposes in may case), from the newly released Payload Guest 0.97 By Al Azif Thanks!
  5. c0dehunter

    WebRTE: Only place to load from web interface?

    Hello all, In order to enable cheats, apparently I have to load the WebRTE through the web interface (www. KARO HOST NEW 9.00 fw), and then visit the PS4 cheats or the offline variant. The thing is, when I put the system in sleep mode, I have to re-load it, and I ALWAYS received the not enough...
  6. c0dehunter

    Bloodborne Update 1.09 can not be installed (CE-36434-0)

    The update file 1.09 simply can not be installed on my 9.00 PS4 Pro: I have tried it with both CUSA03173 EUR) Bloodborne.Game.of.the.Year.Edition.PS4-PRELUDE + Update 1.09 [PKG] and CUSA00207 (EUR) I tried this tutorial, but it did not work for me, and I receive an error: Any...
  7. c0dehunter

    ROM Hack Is installing game updates "Safe"?

    when installing games from SD card (created a folder named 'dumps', containing my games installers), TinFoil gives me the option to install the games updates, is it safe to do so? I belive I have DNS90 already set, I am not sure thanks for your help!
  8. c0dehunter

    Gaming NSZ games: Does TinFoil install them?

    although I have a folder named dumps on the SD card which contains many installers, including NSZ files, Tinfoil browser can not see these???
  9. c0dehunter

    Homebrew RetroArch and pFBA: Error 2144-0001 (0x290)

    Hello all, Here is my dilemma: When I was on firmware 9.0.1 (using Hekate 5.0.2, and Atmosphere 2018 version (I am not sure about the exact version), both RetroArch and pFBA loaded fine, and I could get all the arcade and SNES/GENESIS ROMs running on the system. If I updated my Atmosphere /...
  10. c0dehunter

    Hacking How to I upgrade my firmware?

    I am currently on Switch 9.0.1 thanks!
  11. c0dehunter

    ROM Hack EdiZon Cheat Codes do not show up why

    EdiZon Cheat Codes do not show up why Hello all, Following this guide: I have installed the switch-cheats-updater, and even though it confirms that it has Bayonetta 2 cheat codes downloaded, when I run this game and invoke the Tesla, no cheats are...
  12. c0dehunter

    Hacking Tesla-Menu does not appear

    Hello all, I am following this guide here: and when I press [L] + [Down Button] + [Right Thumbstick Button] Nothing happens. If I press the Home button and try to launch EdiZon manually (pressing R + A on Album), choosing small, green colored CHEATS...
  13. c0dehunter

    Hacking .XCI format games: How do install?

    Dear all, How do I install (with what utility/app that is) the .XCI format games? Also what is the difference between .XCI and .NSP formats? Which one is better, etc. Thanks!
  14. c0dehunter

    ROM Hack n00bie Question about SAVE transfer

    Hello all, How do I transfer a downloaded save file (named save.bin) from my computer to Switch? I have downloaded the Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze save from this website and the file is called save.bin, but I don't know to transfer this file onto my Switch. Any help would be appreciated!
  15. c0dehunter


    Hello all, I just wanted to say hello and mention how glad I am to be part of this great communiy!
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