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  1. Inunah

    Gaming Which version is better?

    EDIT: Nevermind.
  2. Inunah

    Can anyone suggest to me...

    Yeah, could anyone suggest some adventure games for me? I suck at them, need something easier than Trace Memory but nothing for 5 year olds. ;_; If you're wondering why something easier than Trace Memory... Well... I needed a walkthrough out 90% of the time while playing that game. For 99% of...
  3. Inunah

    Music to Listen to While Gaming

    Well, basically, just post a link to a public Youtube playlist, and have a list of what songs are in it. I guess I'll start off with a bunch of my playlists.... Minecraft Playlist Shadow of the Colossus Playlist Donkey Kong Country 2: Serious Monkey Business Playlist ICO Playlist K.K. Slider...
  4. Inunah

    Bah, what to do...

    Okay, so I've been thinking a lot lately, and I just do NOT know what to do. I've been thinking about going to college, but I really do NOT want to go. I mean, I hated school so much that I almost didn't graduate because of all the classes I had been failing. Then there's the fact that I...
  5. Inunah

    Gaming Random questions

    Just some questions, since I'm bored... -What Japanese games have had full fan-translation (not one of them utterly stupid menu patches unless that's all the game needs) and are 90% done and have a patch released? -Is there any list revealed as to the games Nintendo is going to translate? (If...
  6. Inunah

    Gaming Cooking Mama Save

    Could I get a Cooking Mama 1 save file with all of the recipes? I don't care if the recipes are bronze or silver or gold or anything, as long as all of them are in there.. I'd do this myself with cheats, but I don't know how to set cheats up...
  7. Inunah


    Would anyone like to talk about Polybius? You can download it for free here. Don't worry, the game is a freeware creation based on the description in the original story. The effects can be toggled on and off, as well, but you'll have to read the readme to figure out how to get to the effect...
  8. Inunah


    Hi, I need a new anime series/movie to watch. Can you pick me something from what I've listed here? Finished: Haibane Renmei Fooly Cooly InuYasha Dragonball Z Spirited Away Princess Mononoke My Neighbor Totoro Laputa: Castle in the Sky Howl's Moving Castle The Cat Returns Tokyo Godfathers...
  9. Inunah

    Gaming Fable 3 Glitch?

    A friend of mine is playing Fable 3, but she's having a glitch. She can't take out her weapons or open doors. All she can do is talk to people by holding the a button. How do I help her fix this? EDIT: This is from what I was told, so I don't really know much about what's going on. EDIT 2: Got...
  10. Inunah

    Generic Topic Title

    Commence short-ish post. And numbered bullet points. 1. I hate relationships. I really do. I've never been in one myself, but I hate them. I mean, all you do is go out on dates, hug, maybe kiss, and then go home. Then there's some complicated gubbins (love that word, btw) that are too...
  11. Inunah

    Stupid Questions You've Always Wanted to Ask

    Who thought of putting bananas in cereal? Why are creepypastas creepy if half of them are all the same? Why doesn't Nintendo make a virtual console service for the DSi? Why doesn't Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo take suggestions about games that should be remade/localized? Who thought of the story...
  12. Inunah

    Gaming Learn Japanese with a DS?

    I've tried a lot of the ways to learn Japanese with a DS, but none of them are working. I don't like My Japanese Coach, as it expects you to have instant memorization, and I can't find any more that are playable without knowing Japanese. Help! EDIT: I've tried various homebrew, but they either...
  13. Inunah

    Gaming Any games like

    Any games for the DS like Minecraft or Audiosurf?
  14. Inunah

    Games like this?

    Can anyone list games like Animal Crossing for ALL consoles (PC included)?
  15. Inunah

    Gaming Crafting Mama

    Anyone waiting for Crafting Mama? I can't wait to see what stereotypical woman crafts they make her do! The demo was actually really fun. If anyone's wondering, the release date is October 26.
  16. Inunah

    Looking for Audiosurf friends!

    Hey, does anyone here play Audiosurf? I'd like to see if I can beat anyone on a high score list.... And I can't gloat if I don't personally know the people I beat. XD So the friend high score list it is. My username on Audiosurf is Inunah. For those of you who don't know what Audiosurf is...
  17. Inunah

    Gaming Should I try and Which to start with?

    I've been thinking I'd like to try either Harvest Moon or Rune Factory on the DS (I have tried both HMAWL games on the GCN and have watched my sis play Rune Factory Frontier on the Wii, though). Now, I hate those two series. But should I? Also, which title should I start of with?
  18. Inunah

    Gaming Things to expect when the 3DS is out?

    What should we expect here on GBATemp when the 3DS is released to the public? I'd say we'd get n00b spam of "Why doesn't *Some 3DS game* work on my R4?" or "Is anyone hacking the 3DS yet?" or "Where can I buy a 3DS flash cart?" on release day.
  19. Inunah

    Hacking I think my R4 is fuxxing with my files.

    I've got a few files that have strange modified dates.... -Cooking Mama 2 and 3 were modified 2 weeks ago even though I never modified the ROMs and I got them months ago...? -It says last time I modified the _rpg folder was in May, when I just updated Wood R4 a few days ago. -It says some of my...
  20. Inunah

    Gaming Japanese Games?

    Can anyone complete this list of games that are Japan only but can be played by people with no knowledge of Japanese? Here's what I've got so far: Daigasso! Band Brothers Daigasso! Band Brothers DX Taiko no Tatsujin DS TOUCH de Dokodon Meccha! Taiko no Tatsujin DS 7tsu no Shima no Daibouken...
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