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    Hacking Please help me transfer a user from one CFW PS3 to another.

    What is the easiest way of transferring a user from one CFW PS3 to another as my original slim has decided to start ylod'ing at startup more and more?
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    Hacking ns-atmosphere battery

    I've not used my ns-atmosphere for a while and I noticed that the case had opened. So I pulled the case open further and when I removed the board, I noticed the battery is like a balloon. Does anyone know whether it's possible to buy a compatible battery and where I would get it? It seems to...
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    Senate Republican threatens impeachments of past Democratic presidents “If it is a good idea to impeach and try former presidents, what about former Democratic presidents when Republicans get the majority in 2022?” Sure. Great idea. Do Trump...
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    Hacking 1.50 PSP homebrew in adrenaline

    Is there a plugin compatible with adrenaline that allows you to use homebrew for 1.50? I'm trying to run the mod player modo and it has two folders, one with % at the end and both containing eboot.
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    Hacking Any way to save Gran Turismo Sport when playing offline?

    Is there an update, workround, or is anyone working on a workround for saving progress when playing Gran Turismo Sport offline on 5.05? Maybe a fake psn that you can run locally?
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    Homebrew ooWii

    I've started a new project on google code called ooWii. So far it supports reading files from Wii/GC disc images, a sample is included for verifying your backups (binary is in the downloads section). Object Oriented Wii on googlecode ISO/CISO/WBFS files are supported as well as WBFS file...
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