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  1. Tenny

    Gaming Game Key Question

    Hello Guys, I would like to purchase the Resident Evil Triple Pack since I am a huge fan of RE4 but as some of you may know it comes with RE5 and RE6 as a digital Code so my question is can I change my account to the US and activate the keys and change back afterwards? Did someone already test...
  2. Tenny

    Hacking Question Couldn't parse boot0: !

    Hello, my Switch was working fine with SX OS but since i moved to Atmosphere i have problems with the emuMMC. I created like 4-5 times a new emuMMC but everytime i get an error: Fatal error: [NXBOOT] Couldn't parse boot0: ! even tried to repair my boot0 because i thought it may be corrupt but...
  3. Tenny

    Hacking Vita 3.65 Enso

    Hey there, i've send my friend my Vita and he did Restored the system because he couldn't pass the lockscreen.. and now is everything gone and Enso disabled.. Version still spoofed to the latest version. I have installed him Vitashell back but he can't open it (Error C1-6775-5) what am i...
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