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    Hacking Best alternative?

    wow, no kidding, especially when acekard rpg is 65.90 at dealextreme.
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    Hacking AK Team declare AK2.1 more stable

    No one knows, that's why it's such a mess because we have no info on how to identify cards from the "bad batches". What we have are pretty much ticking time bombs.
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    weird hair strand

    Copper means its turning white.
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    Hacking AK2 - bat batch - Still ?

    Just read that Acekard has 1 year warranty, so I feel a bit better about my purchase, which is working strong after a month.
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    Gaming What are the odds of a 360 price drop at E3?

    Kmart ad coming in July
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    Gaming What are the odds of a 360 price drop at E3?

    E3 starts july 15th, so just wait it out. I've read rumors of $30 price drop.
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    Hacking Should I get a new Dstt or Acekard 2?

    Bliss menu integrates support for slot2 expansion, makes it very easy.
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    Hardware SMART Failure Predicted on Harddrive

    Your drive is probably dying. Find out who makes the harddrive and use their diagnostic software to test.
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    Hacking Screen Protectors...

    Afaik, hori doesn't use glue to stick, so i think you can wash it.
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    Hacking A date 4Gb MicroSD

    Yup, both are trustworthy sites.
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    Hacking Acekard Vista skin

    Looks nice, but I like skins with the start button on the right side, cause I'm right handed. Just tried it on my acekard 2 with v407.bliss.k09p1 I cannot access the start menu with the touch pad, but I can go into the menu by pressing the DS' start button though, so something is not compatible.
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    Gaming My Computer restted itself?

    Tough luck, try Xp's system restore function.
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    Hacking Used DS Lite worth sending to Nintendo to fix?

    I'd get it fixed if it means Nintendo will extend the warranty.
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    Gaming Seperating 1 Folder over 2 DVDs.

    Going dual layer is probably the easiest.
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    Do you get rid of stuff you no longer use?

    Get rid, as in throwing away? naw... either i store stuff in my closet or give to friends.
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    Do the Lakers deserve to win?

    After last night's meltdown, no, lakers don't deserve to win.
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    Odd Question

    Something like this Rubber foam to seal air conditioners.
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    Gaming Singular best GBA game?

    Aria of Sorrow is the best GBA game I played. BUT if I can only play one game forever, it'd be Warioware.
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