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  1. CompuCat

    Homebrew [RELEASE] 4TU Presents: VNC for Wii U, or how we pulled off Mac OS X!

    Happy April Fool's! Yup, some of you all guessed it: Mac OS X wasn't real. A VNC client, though, definitely was! Check out the video below for more, or have a look at the source code!
  2. CompuCat

    Homebrew [RELEASE] 4TU Presents: Mac OS X on Wii U

    EDIT: Happy April Fool's! Check out the *actual* release powering this: VNC for Wii U! After much behind the scenes work, ForTheUsers is proud to present our latest Wii U endeavor: a full port of Mac OS X Leopard to the Wii U! I'll let the video demo speak for itself:
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