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  1. 0ddity

    Comment by '0ddity' in 'Graaaarrrrggghhhhh'

    No, if you're asked to "donate" it is no longer a donation, it is a solicitation of funds. And obviously, (this very thread is proof) it is not just a polite solicitation for a good cause, because if they refuse, you judge people poorly even though you don't know their circumstances or...
  2. 0ddity

    Comment by '0ddity' in 'Officially My 200th Post'

    Lol still not there.
  3. 0ddity

    Comment by '0ddity' in 'Officially My 200th Post'

    Sorry, blog posts don't count. SO close though.
  4. 0ddity

    Comment by '0ddity' in 'Graaaarrrrggghhhhh'

    Actually, I hate it when retail drones ask for a donation. I came into the store to buy whatever, not be pressured into making a donation to some charity. I'd be more inclined to donate if there was just a tin on the counter with the name of the charity. Besides, you really don't know what other...
  5. 0ddity

    Comment by '0ddity' in 'asking a girl out'

    If you have a roller skating rink, try that. There's lots of stuff to do, including an arcade usually, as well as food, and most of the ones I've been to have a "couples" time where you go on the floor with a partner. It helps you get used to being physically close to a person, without the...
  6. 0ddity

    Comment by '0ddity' in 'Some people do the most annoying things.'

    Teenagers are dramatic, girls even more so. Some get so bored if there isn't always some kind of drama going on, they'll create some where there is none just to feed off it. But people grow up, most of the time.
  7. 0ddity

    Comment by '0ddity' in 'Ubuntu vs Lubuntu, DS vs iPod, and Android'

    Don't know how you can say that, as all bug fixes go downstream to mint, and they use the same repositories. Mint is Ubuntu, refined. Even if you do have problems, there is great community support.
  8. 0ddity

    Comment by '0ddity' in 'Character Sketches'

    My first impression of the pictures, was from left to right, storm trooper, the emperor, battle droid and boba fett. Just saying,
  9. 0ddity

    Comment by '0ddity' in 'Ubuntu vs Lubuntu, DS vs iPod, and Android'

    Definitely get Mint, it's based on Ubuntu, but is much more user friendly. Everything works out of the box (youtube, videos, wireless, etc) except proprietary video drivers, which you simply have to enable. Version 10 Release Candidate just came out, and it's been very stable and fast for me...
  10. 0ddity

    Comment by '0ddity' in 'Hospitals Are Expensive...'

    Yeah, if I had been living in Canada at the time it would have been covered, but I was in the States. OHIP is similar to the UK system, we're covered for neccessary things, have to pay for drugs and things like vision and dental.
  11. 0ddity

    Comment by '0ddity' in 'Hospitals Are Expensive...'

    It wasn't emergency, it was ICU when I was being discharged. As for payment, I had insurance which covered about 70% the rest goes to collections.
  12. 0ddity

    Comment by '0ddity' in 'Hospitals Are Expensive...'

    If you think thats bad, don't ever get actually hurt. I was in an accident in 2006, and had to be airlifted to the closest trauma center. They billed me $20K for the heli ride, plus about $2500 a day in ICU, $75K for a brain surgury and the accompanianing drugs. As I was looking down the...
  13. 0ddity

    Comment by '0ddity' in 'Games, do you use and discard or do ya save em'

    This is the reason I love Steam, someday I may be in the mood to play CS 1.6 or HL1, but I lost the CD's years ago. When I'm not playing them, and I don't have the HD space to justify having them installed, I can always download them at a later date.
  14. 0ddity

    Comment by '0ddity' in 'F*ck cancer'

    I disagree, but I don't want to argue the merits of alternative medicine here. That I can agree with. That's what's really hard about all this. My parents divorced about 10 years ago, my dad remarried after just a couple years, but my mom didn't until about 3 years ago. They've been very happy...
  15. 0ddity

    Comment by '0ddity' in 'F*ck cancer'

    Thanks, and no problem, my bad about the title.
  16. 0ddity

    Comment by '0ddity' in 'F*ck cancer'

    Not really. If you have a headache, aspirin will work almost every time, hoping, not so much. Hope is fine, but taking money for providing false hope is immoral.
  17. 0ddity

    F*ck cancer

    So I just found out today that my step-dad has a malignant brain tumor, so it's basically impossible to operate on. They give him about two years, with chemotherapy. My mom and him are really into new-age shit too, so they'll be wasting a bunch of money on "alternative" therapies that insurance...
  18. 0ddity

    Comment by '0ddity' in 'Flea markets'

    There's a flea market every sunday close to where I live, and there are a couple vendors selling a ton of video game stuff. Hundreds of NES, N64, GBA, GB/C games, systems and accessories. I was excited until I saw the price, most generic NES games were $10, the good ones were $20+. They did have...
  19. 0ddity

    Comment by '0ddity' in 'I fucking love you guys.'

    I dunno about love, but most of the people are are very cool, nice, helpful people. So hats off to you all for creating a great community that attracks (mostly) the right type of people.
  20. 0ddity

    Comment by '0ddity' in 'I am jealous and I want what you have!'

    I still have a e200 v1, 2 gb with a 1gb msd, rockboxed. Thing is awesome, the screen was a bit small for watching movies but that problem was solved when I got my DS flashcart. I find the song lag is skin dependent, so skins that are more complicated and have cover-art etc will use more system...
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