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    Hacking Retrogames on the switch. (Probably Retroarch)

    Okay.. So a while ago, I was one of the ones that won the SX Pro. I've used it a little bit to test it, but I have no real desire to play real games on this particular switch. I want this almost exclusively for retro games. Now when going through several of the threads *and I'm not on 90...
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    Gaming Official Nintendo Direct Information

    Nintendo has offcially announced the next Direct. It will be Thursday Jan 11th at 3pm PT/ 6pm ET. It will be about 2 hours long. Source: I'd been had.. Ignore this. x.x;
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    Having frame drops/lag in PPSSPP

    I'm trying to play PPSSPP and so far I get really weird spots of lags and framedrops in the games I've been trying so far "Castlevania, Digimon and Star Ocean" They seem to be random framedrops or lag. My computer should be more than powerful enough to run everything maxed.. but it's acting...
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    Gaming PSN Down?

    Anyone else here having problems with PSN? I just got a new PS4 due to some credit at a local Mom and Pop, and when I try to log on, all I get is Please wait. I've tried through my normal router and my phone. Can't even log in to access my account.
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    Gaming Anyone know this game?

    I was watching the sizzle reel and was just wondering if anyone knew what this particular game was?
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    Homebrew Saving old save files after removing NNID

    Okay, so I did something fairly stupid I admit. I didn't back up some of my old save files before I removed my NNID from my 3DS after a banwave. Yes.. I know, stupid. My question is, is there a homebrew save manager that'll let me get those save files, or am I just kinda screwed? *not a big...
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    Gaming Skylanders Imaginators

    Skylanders imaginators seems to take a long time to load the characters or the levels through Loadiine. I'm using the European version. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to possibly speed it up?
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    Gaming Skylanders Imaginators

    Skylanders imaginators seems to take a long time to load the characters or the levels through Loadiine. I'm using the European version. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to possibly speed it up?
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    Hacking Firmware 3.61 released.

    It seems Sony has just released firmware 3.61 Henkaku does not work on it right now currently.
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    Hacking Using Custom Firmware on 3DS to rip or Inject DS saves?

    So.. I'm trying to play DQ 9 again, I was wondering if there was a way to use an app on 3DS to rip the save so I can use the editor to restore the DLC quests and maps, and then re-inject it back into the game. Just curious. Thanks.
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    Hacking VC screen size and position

    I am curious, how would I go about making the screen size of VC games better for TVs? I'm trying to play Dragon Quest 9 and would like the top and bottom screens to be displayed similar to the DS config they already have, but larger so that I can actually read the text. Does anyone have a...
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    Steam Link and SNES emulator, Controller help

    Okay.. I'm trying to run an SNES emulator through steam link. The controller works on the down stairs computer, but I can't seem to get any response via the steam link or another computer via in-home streaming. Anyone have any suggestions or ideas what can fix this.
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    Gaming Looking for a good F2P First person shooter.

    So while I kinda suck at them, a lot.. every once in a while I want to play an online FPS. Now here is the rub.. I'm flat out broke, so I can't buy any new ones. So I was wondering what are some good F2P. So far I've played Unreal Tournament, which is pretty good, but seems to be lacking...
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    Help with Emulators and Steam

    Okay.. I need a bit of help please. I'd like to set up ePSXe to let me stream my games from my computer downstairs to my computer upstairs via steam. Now I have a few problems with this so far. One.. One of the programs I found Mala, doesn't seem to let me use the controller when the game...
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    Pokemon Go AR game announced for mobile

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    Gaming Xbox one BC not working for Banjo Kazooie

    One of the first games they announced for the BC.. Is not not working anymore because of the bundle coming out.
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    Hacking Way to load Foreign CIA

    I'm using Pasta and I was curious if there was a way to use Foreign CIAs. They can be installed, but they don't show up on the home screen. Is there any way to access them and run them?
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    Hacking Any problems from newest update

    Hey, any problems occurring from the newest update? I performed it on one WiiU *one that just has homebrew channel on it.. but currently no loaders or Devo* But any reports of the update messing with loaders or devo?
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    Hacking Smash Bros Brawl works on one vWii but not another?

    I have access to two WiiUs that I play regularly.. I wanted to be able to keep my Wii game saves, so I use Wiiflow and an Emunand on the WiiUs to play Wii games. However, on one, I can't play SSBB. It'll get the the "Loading" screen... and never proceed any further. It works on the other...
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    Hacking Monster Hunter Tri vWii

    I'm trying to use Wiiflow to load Monster hunter Tri. It keeps hanging on me though. It doesn't even make it to the game, just after I hit play, I see "Wiiflow" on the screen. I've tried IOS 249, 250, 251 and Auto-select. Is there a trick I am missing?
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