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  1. DSGamer64

    Homebrew [DS(i)/3DS] TWiLight Menu++ - GUI for DS(i) games, and DS(i) Menu replacement

    Nice work with this app @Robz8, it runs great. I do have a question. I installed the TWiLight Menu updater and updated all the features, however I am running into a hiccup. When I download the DSJ cheat file, it doesn't show up as available when I go to boot a game, it says there is no file for...
  2. DSGamer64

    Gaming Pokemon Heart Gold release bug

    Fixed. So it was the file I was using, it didn't have the AP patch applied so once I found a file that was patched, it's worked perfectly so far.
  3. DSGamer64

    Conservative Radio Host Rush Limbaugh dead at 70

    Nah Nah Nah Nah, Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye playing intensifies
  4. DSGamer64

    Parler is back up. Woohoo!

    Not really sure why anyone who cares about social media would use a dumpster fire like Parler. Minds is better if you care about freedom of expression but don't want to have to deal with those psycho alt-right types. Also, considering Milo Yiannopolis got himself banned from Parler for...
  5. DSGamer64

    Gaming Pokemon Heart Gold release bug

    OK so I tried a different scene release with the same file, that didn't work either so I deleted the save and started a new one. Same problem, except that now it happened at the first gym. Is there some kind of anti-piracy bypass patch? I tried using the one that is part of the cheat menu in...
  6. DSGamer64

    Gaming Pokemon Heart Gold release bug

    Hello all, it's been a long time since I last posted. But I come with an issue that needs sorting. So I'm running Pokemon Heart Gold through NDS Bootstrap and I seem to have encountered a bug in the release and I'm not sure if this is something anti-piracy related or what but when you get to...
  7. DSGamer64

    Apple rejects Steam Link iOS app from App Store

    Ownage thoroughly approved
  8. DSGamer64

    ROM Hack [Translation] Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland 3D
  9. DSGamer64

    Gaming Issues with Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland

    Hey guys, so I wanted to play this game with the translation patch finished, but it seems I am having some issues with the game post install. So I got the CIA file with the translation patch already installed, dropped it onto my memory card and installed it with CIA. Also installed the update...
  10. DSGamer64

    ROM Hack [Translation] Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland 3D

    I seem to be having some issues here. I installed the game with FBI and installed the update, but it just sticks at the Nintendo 3DS logo screen.
  11. DSGamer64

    Sony insists Vita is here to stay

    If they think Minecraft, a game people have been playing for what, 4 years, is going to sell the Vita, they are on drugs.
  12. DSGamer64

    Pokemon TCG for iPad

    Nintendo still makes revenue off the game regardless. It would be cool if the game comes to Android, I would pay for it.
  13. DSGamer64

    R.I.P., 2007-2014.

    Basically, all videos remain active for a week (or something like that), they are scanning all archived recordings for copyrighted audio even if you paid for it and they are trying to force streamers into using their premium service.
  14. DSGamer64

    R.I.P., 2007-2014.

    Twitch.TV won't be far behind at the rate it's going. Google is shitting on streamers so hard right now.
  15. DSGamer64

    BioWare Teases New Game

    Looks like a trailer for a really crappy horror film, not a video game.
  16. DSGamer64

    nVidia shield announce two new products

    It will be able to use Nvidia's game stream system for one. It is also one of the first Android devices to use the new Nvidia K1 processor which is capable of running DX12 and OpenGL 4.4 games, it also is capable of running Epic's new Unreal Engine 4. The K1 is a 192 core processor as well and...
  17. DSGamer64

    Rock Simulator 2014 Is in Development

    Can I punch an infant for this atrocity?
  18. DSGamer64

    Square Enix Threatens Legal Action Against Type-0 Fan Translation

    Maybe they should do the 3DS Dragon Quest games next, maybe it will force them to get off their lazy fucking asses and translate them.
  19. DSGamer64

    Microsoft introduces Surface Pro 3: the tablet that can replace your laptop

    Still a better price then the Asus 3 in 1 laptop/tablet ($1000) with better specs. Hell, a 500 GB SSD costs almost half that price alone for a desktop. The RT was doomed to failure, the Pro was too expensive. The pricing on the 3rd generation is in better competition with other Intel based...
  20. DSGamer64

    AMD R9 295x2

    They wouldn't put a closed loop water cooler on it in that design if it wasn't for gaming. Dual cards are better optimized for gaming then they are for workstations and AMD already has a fairly recent FirePro series out. This thing screams over clocking potential, especially with a good water...
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