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  1. darky2003

    safe to update to 14.1? Any current bugs in atmosphere?

    Is it safe to update to 14.1? Any known bugs in atmosphere + fw 14.1? thx
  2. darky2003

    a fatal error occurred when running fusée Invalid gpt signature

    Just switched from SXOS to Atmosphere (latest version) , first boot worked flawless using tegraRcmGui, second time i try to boot i get a black: a fatal error occurred when running fusée Invalid gpt signature Already tried formatting sd card and reinstalling everything from scratch but this...
  3. darky2003

    Hacking Question How to enable or disable sxos stealth mode

    I would like to get my switch connected to the internet so i can download updates for my hombrew apps. I have read online something about sxos having a stealth mode since v1.6 and it should be activated by default when u boot sxos cfw. But before i connect online i would like to check If the...
  4. darky2003

    Does the playstation3 store also has summer sale?!

    I just bought another ps3 after i regret selling mine a few years ago, i would like to buy all my games online through the psn store, but i was wondering if the ps3 psn store also has summer sales? I know most games are already cheap. Thx
  5. darky2003

    Arcade Ipac encoder and emulators?!

    Can anyone tell some more info about the ipac encoder and how good it works with emulators like retroarch, dolphin,cemu, pcsx2 and rpcs3?
  6. darky2003

    Hacking will i loose my OFW pre-installed games when i install cfw

    i have some disc based games on my wiiu, now i was just wondering if i will loose any save progress or games after installing CFW? thx
  7. darky2003

    Hacking Retroarch is missing core updater/downloader

    tried different builds (1.70 and the latest 1.7.7) but it keeps missing the option to update and download new cores. Do vita users have to download the manually?! V1.7.0 91MB VPK file V1.7.7 only 6mb VPK file , :s i just don't get it...
  8. darky2003

    Hacking FW3.65 Enso won't work

    I tried to install Enso whitch works on the vita, Press cross to install , then it says press button to exit. (all video's i have watched on youtube, u have to press a button to restart the vita) When i manually restart my vita i can't see any Enso logo at boot, also when i try to run homebrew...
  9. darky2003

    Hardware tricks to remove scratches from the screen?!

    I just got myself a fat vita with one game for 50€. Good deal if u ask me. The only con is, i'm a person who can't stand scratches and there a a few i would like to get out. So i was wondering if there's any way to get rid of a few scratches. I know there a few tricks floating around to get rid...
  10. darky2003

    Hacking cfw 3ds had broken sd card, now soundhax won't work :s

    my daughters 3ds sd card got broken so i had to swap the sd card with a new one and followed the guide on how to setup homebrew again through The 3ds boots fine and even while holding start i see the godmode menu. The only thing that doesn't seems to work is getting the...
  11. darky2003

    Hacking Question Did my switch just auto updated by connecting to the pc?

    Hi, I have a switch from a friend of mine (for his son) that needs SXOS. Few weeks ago i called him to ask him if the switch was connected to the internet, and it was. It seemed the system already downloaded the newest 4.2 update but it din't install it. He kept getting the message to update...
  12. darky2003

    Homebrew Question Best way to backup nand when on sx os ?

    Now some brick nsp files are floating around i would first like to make a backup from my nand. I heard when u do the nand backup from the SX OS menu it isn't a real nand backup. ( is this correct?) So i found a tutorial showing how to backup the nand with the SX OS by using...
  13. darky2003

    Hardware Joystick : Zero delay and zippy switches

    Could someone plz tell me how to connect them? Been searching for hours online! I have one bleu and one white wire. And 3 connectors in the zippy button.
  14. darky2003

    Hacking keep getting Failed to mount CTRNAND! Section III - Configuring Luma3DS STEP 3 says: Press (Start) to save and reboot If you get a black screen, just continue to the next section If you get a “Failed to mount CTRNAND” error, just continue to the next section then i have to Boot your...
  15. darky2003

    Hacking loading gives communication error on 3ds

    plz help, i'm installing cfw on my sons 3ds but i keep getting communication error when going to Searched google but din't find a clear answer, also troubleshooting doesn't has any info about it. Hope to get some answers fast so i can continue because i...
  16. darky2003

    Hacking should i install CFW on my kids 3ds

    i have two kids 5 and 7 years old. Should i go for cfw or better stay at ofw. I don't want any problems because they got in some settings from the 3ds and messed it up!
  17. darky2003

    Hacking USB 2.0 HDD with power doesn't get enough power :s

    Sometimes the game closes and my wiiu shows the message that the external drive won't get enough power. (my son goes crazy when that happens :lol: ) But i'm already using a external hdd with power , would the USB Y cable fix the problem? Because i've already heard the Y cable is only for HDD...
  18. darky2003

    Hacking easiest way to play backups for my 7 year old son

    Well i must say i never seen such an upside down scene like the WiiU one :p. Some parts are complicated , but at least we had some progress the last year ;-) My son is 7 years old, i would like to see an easy and safe way for him to play backups . ATM i have IOSU SysNAND but i have ordered an...
  19. darky2003

    Misc How to factory reset without internet?

    Just bought a wiiu but there are two accounts from the previous owners i can't delete because they are nnid password protected. Now i want to restore factory settings but it forces me to connect to the internet! If i set up my WiFi to restore the factory settings will my console get updated...
  20. darky2003

    Hacking Gateway Ultra 3.1.1 store/online question

    I have been out of the 3DS scene for a while, today i update my Gateway to 9.4.0-21. My question is: Is it save to update my console (in Gateway mode so i can use the store and play online)? Sorry for this stupid question, don't wanna brick my son 3DS ;-)
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