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    Suspicious login attempts begin to plague Switch owners, Nintendo to investigate

    Oh yeah you're absolutely right, I'm under no illusions that my account is now 100% safe, that will never be the case. I mean 10 years ago just having a decent password was enough to be reasonably secure and now it just isn't (the password for my first account, with Yahoo was three letters...
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    Suspicious login attempts begin to plague Switch owners, Nintendo to investigate

    This happened to me about a month ago now. I noticed two transactions of about 100 euros on my PayPal were used to pay for Fortnight credit via my Nintendo account. I contacted PayPal and they said they couldn't help since the transactions were authorized by me (definitely not, never even played...
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    Hacking RELEASE Kosmos - A Hekate CFW-package

    Looks like they're on it:
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    Homebrew Discussion Flycast Dreamcast Emulator Is Coming Soon

    Just tried this out and I'm very impressed by how far this has come. All the games I tested worked almost flawlessly. Thanks to everyone involved!
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    Homebrew I bought a modded Wii U.

    Don't reset your WiiU or do anything else until you find out and understand how it is modded. If it is set up to use CBHC, then you could easily end up bricking it. The reason your PC doesn't recognize your USB HDD is because it is formatted in a way that only your WiiU can use it (it won't...
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    Hacking [Tool] New GUI Tool For JWUDTool - JNUSTool - Nuspacker

    Great to see an all in one tool being developed. Thanks for your contribution, I'll be keeping and eye on this for sure.
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    Wii #2255 - Kirby's Epic Yarn (USA)

    Just tried it on Dolphin and it froze there too. Does this mean I have a corrupt iso?
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    Wii #2255 - Kirby's Epic Yarn (USA)

    I used Waninkoko's firmware updater 4.3b to get my system up to date (was on 4.2 before and it didn't work then either). Was that a bad idea? What is MMM?
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    Wii #2255 - Kirby's Epic Yarn (USA)

    No it didn't work. I installed cios249 rev17 and ios56 (latest ver) and I still get freezing when starting a new game. Wonder what I'm doing wrong.
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    Wii #2255 - Kirby's Epic Yarn (USA)

    Cool will try that out now. Thanks.
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    Wii #2255 - Kirby's Epic Yarn (USA)

    Anyone know how to sort the hang on loading screen? Using Configurable USB Loader cIOSX 20b IOS 249 (tried 222m) System Firmware 4.3b Every time I try to start a new game it just hangs after a second or two on the loading screen..
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    Wii System Menu 4.3/4.2a released in Europe

    This IS real guys, just look it up.
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    Hacking USB Loader GX

    Yeah been a while since any update. Done an awesome job thus far though!
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    Hacking Problems writing to USB with cIOS 36 rev 10

    USB loaders can also write to USB as you can install games from the Wii's disk drive onto the USB drive.
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    Hacking Any solutions for firmware 4.0?

    I get similar errors no matter what i try to install. BTW the fact that WiiPowers WAD Manager says "Using IOS 60 (rev 6174) as firmware" does this mean that my IOS 60 has the trucha bug? Thanks for everyone's efforts.
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    CycloDS Firmware 1.54

    Thanks unduthegun, was looking for an alternative link.
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    Hacking Waninkoko backup loader GPL violation

    You are basing this on a leaked version? This is not even beta fir goodness sakes. You can hardly go around accusing people of poor programming and GPL violations based on leaked software.
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    Quick Vista Question

    I also have vista business and had similar problems (not quite hours to boot though!). For me it was actually my cdrom. One of them was really takin long to initilize for some reason, so I upgraded the firmware for it and it was much quicker. You might also want to check for firmware upgrades...
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    RIP Colin McRae

    This is very sad news indeed. Let us not forget the other people who also died in this incident. R.I.P
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