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  1. Valiarchon

    ROM Hack [RELEASED] Blood of Bahamut English Patch

    Wow this has changed a lot, nice work! Thanks for your efforts :) I was one of the early bunch translating this, though any credit to me seems to have been lost along the way; I have no idea if anything I worked on is still present though so not like it's a big deal, but since you asked...
  2. Valiarchon

    traversing the dystopian paradise in my mind

    traversing the dystopian paradise in my mind
  3. Valiarchon

    ROM Hack About Keroro RPG

    Hah, I haven't been on here in a long while now. Wasn't actually my team; if anything probably Stor did the most work on it, but I think it was Noitora that started the project? Can't remember. Anyway, I'm pretty much back in the scene now, after finally sorting my timetable out for work and...
  4. Valiarchon

    ROM Hack Item Getter

    You realise there is a thread specifically for this type of request, right? Post your request there, in the proper format. If you wish to start a project, make a proper thread, again using a decent format; you'll likely...
  5. Valiarchon

    ROM Hack Project Pokemon Black 2 & White 2 Translation

    Actually, one thing I've noticed in playing through with each patch release so far of theirs is that they appear to be just copy-pasting things a lot, and certainly dialogue will continue to have many, many issues. This project on the other hand, as mentioned prior, takes time with their...
  6. Valiarchon

    ROM Hack Pokemon Card Game Asobikata DS

    Unsure about competition, since I haven't played comp for a good eight years or so now, but the rules don't change from region to region, they're just in a different language :P As far as I can tell from my half hour play of it, it's standard. Anyway, as far as translation goes, I took a look...
  7. Valiarchon

    ROM Hack Pokémon x Nobunaga's Ambition English Translation Patch

    *snip Now, to return to the purpose of this thread. To the team: I haven't had time to actually test the patch yet, but I was curious as to a couple of things. Firstly, are you translating to American or British English (...or whichever other variant might tickle your fancy? I personally enjoy...
  8. Valiarchon

    ROM Hack [RELEASED] Blood of Bahamut English Patch

    That's honestly pretty hilarious to think someone could be bothered putting in the time and effort to not only make that many accounts, but also emails (I'm assuming duplicate accounts require separate email addresses), especially considering what the effort was for... XD One thing I'd like to...
  9. Valiarchon

    ROM Hack [RELEASED] Blood of Bahamut English Patch

    People probably making dummy accounts to get their preference? It's happened before :P 1 and 4 are both good though. Oh yes, I was curious about the credits - are you planning to insert team members into the actual game (via an extended staff credits or loading screen or whatever)? I've seen...
  10. Valiarchon

    ROM Hack [RELEASED] Blood of Bahamut English Patch

    Mm I kinda like how outline 1 matches the original so well, but outline 4 got my vote in the end just because I think it looks that little bit bolder. Either is fine though of course ;o (and seeing as how they're currently even at 27 apiece, and ahead of the others, likely to be one of the two)
  11. Valiarchon

    ROM Hack [RELEASED] Blood of Bahamut English Patch

    Hurr so you're actually encouraging applications? In that case, I'd be quite interested, for obvious reasons. I have both alpha and beta tested for more MMOs than I can even remember, so I know how the drill goes, and I can certainly take screenshots and the like. I've now played the majority of...
  12. Valiarchon

    ROM Hack [RELEASED] Blood of Bahamut English Patch

    Come on people, don't fill the thread with irrelevant clutter. The whole reason this one was made was to get rid of all the drama and useless posts from the old thread. Keep the support coming for the team, but try not to get off-topic. On that note, please do not rush, or even feel bad for...
  13. Valiarchon

    Gaming Tales of Rebirth translation project

    Although I dislike necroposting, this is relevant, and as (whilst not the OP) a member of the project, I figured it should be fine. Update here: (Link also in my sig)
  14. Valiarchon

    ROM Hack [RELEASED] Blood of Bahamut English Patch

    Yeah I thought that may have been the case; I remember when working on it, a lot of the translations felt a bit wrong just because we had gone with the British English originally and had to change some words to make it fit. Well, looking forward to a release regardless, keep at it ;)
  15. Valiarchon

    ROM Hack [RELEASED] Blood of Bahamut English Patch

    Nice to see the progress here, good work ;) Did you end up deciding to use British or American English in the end? I forgot haha.
  16. Valiarchon

    ROM Hack [RELEASED] Blood of Bahamut English Patch

    There are monsters called behemoths in most Final Fantasy games, yes, but seeing as how textually at least, this game is full of tribute to other SE games, would it not fit better? Besides, that doesn't make it common anyway - SE doesn't even make up 0.01% of published games ;\ Not criticising...
  17. Valiarchon

    ROM Hack [RELEASED] Blood of Bahamut English Patch

    How exactly is behemoth mainstream in the first place? ;S I think that's the worst qualification I've seen so far...
  18. Valiarchon

    ROM Hack [RELEASED] Blood of Bahamut English Patch

    I can see the reasoning behind such a debate, but using colossus will often incite comparisons with Shadow of the Colossus; a fairly frequent criticism of BoB is that it tries too hard to be this game (I'm not saying it actually does, but there are many similarities) and perhaps it would be...
  19. Valiarchon

    ROM Hack Sigma Harmonics

    Yeah, that's not the project thread XD That's a three-year old thread with no progress whatsoever. You might want to take a look at the threads by AshenPhoenix and myself. I'm working on it in my spare time between uni and another main project, it's somewhat paused atm while I get uni balanced...
  20. Valiarchon

    ROM Hack Why wont anyone translate 7th dragon?

    @wolven9 - I completely understand what you are saying, but the only option really is to wait, unless you can find a hacker with a bit more motivation to mess around with that particular game lol. Find that and I should be able to help you find a translator (I have a couple of friends interested...
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