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  1. blueskies

    Comment by 'blueskies' in 'Pokémon Silver Battery Fix'

    you can also get batteries with tabs from nonfinite's shop.
  2. blueskies

    Comment by 'blueskies' in 'How long to wait until reporting ebay fraud?'

    Update: It's been marked as 'Shipped' through eBay. Who knows, maybe he just doesn't check his email...seems kinda stupid though, how hard is it to say 'Got the money sending it monday'. Let's hope it comes in one piece, I could see this dude sending the psp in an envelope. and he responded...
  3. blueskies

    Comment by 'blueskies' in 'How long to wait until reporting ebay fraud?'

    That's good to hear. I looked at his one other sell, a paintball gun, and something looks fishy. The winning and last few bids, if you click on their profiles they all have high percentage bids with that seller, with no or only a few...
  4. blueskies

    How long to wait until reporting ebay fraud?

    I bought this psp on ebay: I jumped on it because the price was so low, obviously a little hastily. I've never had a problem on ebay before, but I've sent this guy three emails now and he hasn't responded. I payed for it late Thursday...
  5. blueskies

    Comment by 'blueskies' in 'My GBATemp song'

    is that screaming or burping?
  6. blueskies

    Comment by 'blueskies' in 'DS Lite Case Mod'

    You should at least give it a shot, it's not that hard. Just go slow, follow thieves' excellent guide in the NDS hardware section, and keep track of all the parts. The kit I got came with a full set of screws too, so I wasn't too worried about losing any. Also, watch the ribbon cable on the...
  7. blueskies

    Comment by 'blueskies' in 'DS Lite Case Mod'

    Well, this is my second attempt at this mod, the first time I broke a very fragile ribbon cable going to the touch screen. This took maybe 1 hour, and wasn't that hard. The only thing is the L button still doesn't work, I don't have the courage/desire yet to try soldering that on. For now this...
  8. blueskies

    DS Lite Case Mod

    I know case replacements aren't that new, but I like how this one turned out. Last picture next to my new Asus EEE 900 just for fun. It came with a broken white keyboard ('a' key is missing and constantly pressed), but a new black one is on it's way.
  9. blueskies

    Comment by 'blueskies' in 'Need a new ds shell' I bought this one, going to mix with some white pieces I think.
  10. blueskies

    Comment by 'blueskies' in 'What to choose????'

    I said psp, I personally have enjoyed more games on there than I ever did on my DS, which I sold months ago because of the endless flood of crap. It wasn't worth the occasional good mario/zelda game for me. DSi? cool, sure, but it's still a DS.
  11. blueskies

    Comment by 'blueskies' in 'My first chiptune EP'

    Yep, just bought one! Woo. I just dug out my two old grey bricks and my gameboy color, it'll be fun to mess around with lsdj on them. :D
  12. blueskies

    Comment by 'blueskies' in 'My first chiptune EP'

    Very cool, I'll give it a listen. I'm trying to get my hands on one of those USB-BleepBloop carts myself right now. I like it! Is this all in lsdj, or did you use nanoloop too?
  13. blueskies

    Comment by 'blueskies' in 'Going to California!'

    ...ew. Whether you mean shot by gang members or f*cked by multiple guys, just ew. Sonic, SF is a huge city.. try to see a Giants game if you like baseball, or Fisherman's Wharf for some walking around fun. Lots of bums all around though.
  14. blueskies

    Comment by 'blueskies' in 'NEW MONITOR! Pics inside!'

    I've always had mine horizontal, and never had RROD. I heard the disc could scratch if it was vertical (maybe this was only if you moved between the two while it's running.. not sure). I think the main vent is in the back, so either way should vent properly. Nice monitor War.. next upgrade...
  15. blueskies

    Comment by 'blueskies' in 'Slight portal update'

    does this need to be activated or something? I don't see it.
  16. blueskies

    Comment by 'blueskies' in 'AAAAAAARGHKMF'

    You should try clicking on Ace's signature. That always relieves my stress.
  17. blueskies

    Comment by 'blueskies' in 'Friday Sucked :('

    are you not allowed to have psps on campus or something?
  18. blueskies

    Comment by 'blueskies' in 'Horrible day.'

    I loled. :D
  19. blueskies

    Comment by 'blueskies' in 'Horrible day.'

    Sorry to read all that. Sounds like that dude was embarrassed that he's a twat and spilled his coffee on himself, and tried to blame everyone around him. What a doucher.
  20. blueskies

    Comment by 'blueskies' in 'A good free MMO'

    planeshift is good too, but definitely 'in development'.
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