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  1. Toady231

    ROM Hack Unlocking online functionality using gateshark2ntr

    I was wandering if anyone could point me in the right direction yo get the main.o file to unlock online for use with Ntr plugins. And don't day use Google as I have and I get nothing.
  2. Toady231

    ROM Hack Pokemon Prism as a Precompied CIA

    This is a link to the CIA i compiled from the latest update from pokemon prism before it got the DMCA and pulled down, if this is not allowed the by all means mods please delete the post, i dont want to get into any trouble. This is a VC GC inject. this is not my project and i do not claim...
  3. Toady231

    ROM Hack Anyway to change game sync Id without starting new Game (Pokémon moon)

    As it states in the title. Was wandering if there was anyway to change the Game sync id without starting a new game. If not then it's fine.
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