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  1. Osaxely

    Hardware Custom buttons and shell for 2DS

    Hello, I know that this post has been made at least once on the forum, but I'm looking for these piece for my old 2DS : - White shell (Behind and front) with white sides (Possible by taking it on Pink 2DS shell) - ABXY buttons with SNES style (Like the Pokémon Sun&Moon game console) - White L...
  2. Osaxely

    Hacking Access to DefaultAccount folder ?

    Hello, I'm developing an UWP app that need to access to other apps local folder, these folders are on U:\Users\DefaultAccount\AppData\Local\Packages\ But the AppData folder is hidden, so it's impossible to get access to it. It's strange because AppData is hidden too on U:\Users\UserMgr0\ but I...
  3. Osaxely

    Hacking I've installed Minecraft for Windows 10 on Xbox One

    Hello ! Yesterday, I have re-packaged and signed Minecraft for Windows 10 from my WindowsApps folder to install on my Xbox in Dev Mode for testing a thing, but the game crash at starting (sometime there is the boot screen), what do you think causes this ? :huh: Thank you very much :)
  4. Osaxely

    Tutorial MC Addons Manager - Install packs for Minecraft easily and for free !

    Hello everyone ! As you know, it is not possible to import addons to Minecraft Bedrock Edition on Xbox One because of the game limitations, except if you use My Files (It's paid), so I have decided to develop MC Addons Manager five months ago, and it's been three months since this app was...
  5. Osaxely

    Hacking Is it possible to access in console Local folders ?

    Hello ! I have a question about the dev mode. Is it installed in another system partition ? And Is it possible to access to local console folders (like Packages in AppData) with an app ? I have created an app that need to access this folder to work, but I don't know how to test if I can't access...
  6. Osaxely

    Hacking [Developer Account] 'Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again later.'

    Hello, I have a problem (Contacted the support), when I create my Xbox One developer account, I enter my promo code, and it say "No payment is required", so I click on Next and it redirect me to an error page "Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again later". (I try again twice every day)...
  7. Osaxely

    Hacking Can't use my student developer token !

    Hello, I got a token from Azure (Got Azure with Github Developer Pack because I'm a student) but I can't use it, there is an error that say "Your Microsoft account is not verified in a program that qualifies for this offer. Please ensure you are signed in with the same Microsoft account that...
  8. Osaxely

    Hacking Is there any way to create a developer account for free in 2020 ?

    Hello, I want to create an account to publish my games (free) and sideload apps on my Xbox One, but I haven't any credit card, just Paypal, so I can't pay me a developer account. (Paypal is not available when I register) I saw that some people got a code for free in Microsoft Dev Essentials, but...
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