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  1. Lostbhoy

    Snes9xRX Wii U Forwarder

    After recent updates to the Snes9xGX Emulator and the fine work that @niuus has done with the RX fork for Wii, I created a little Wii U forwarder that I posted in that thread and thought I'd share it here for anyone that may be interested and possibly missed it in the Wii forum. I hope you...
  2. Lostbhoy

    SDCafiine Autoboot Mod Ignores mods

    I've been using the autoboot mod for my MK8 mods however after a mishap at attempting other forwarders, I had to delete my nice MK8 one but since re installing it the SDCafiine mod simply ignores the mods and boots into vanilla game. Upon exiting game however I get put into SDCafiine menu (i...
  3. Lostbhoy

    TMNT:Shredders Revenge Switch Release Date

    So Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles :Shredders Revenge has finally been given a Switch release date of June 16th! Watch the release trailer below...
  4. Lostbhoy

    Chrome mobile NTP bookmarks??

    So i use Google Chrome on my mobile. Have done for a while, just used to it I guess. But today it is really pissing me off. I deleted some cached data and for some reason the bookmarks I had on my New Tab Page (NTP) disappeared. No real biggie.... Went back into bookmarks, clicked my fav...
  5. Lostbhoy

    FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

    Here is the draw, very boring affair. Not even an on stage slapping to liven things up a bit! Of course, 3 teams have still to be added to final draught with the potential battle of Britain very tantalising! What did we think? Who's your favourite to go all the way?
  6. Lostbhoy

    Another System Update?? Surely not...

    So I booted back to menu from playing a game and noticed the red cross next to download manager.... Wtf is this??? And yes this is 4 March... 2022!!
  7. Lostbhoy

    Peaches Fury Mario 64 mod black screen

    Not sure if anyone can shed any on light on this but I downloaded Kaze Emanuars latest Mario 64 mod and patched it the usual way with the usa rom. Cannot get it load at all with Project64 on pc however when i use the patched rom in wii 64 rice booting from the wii u forwarder, i can hear the...
  8. Lostbhoy

    Viewing meme box on mobile

    Absolutely no biggy but I have noticed that when viewing memes from the meme box on the front page there is no way to close it, no x in corner or anywhere else or even a way to slide it out of view or onto the next one. Very annoying to have to touch back button which then reloads the whole...
  9. Lostbhoy


    I've noticed quite a lot of necrobumps lately, most I'd say under 5 year old threads but a good few surpassing 10 years. Most of them are just new accounts trying to up their post count. Is it possible or even feasible to lock threads after a certain amount of time has passed? I'd say after...
  10. Lostbhoy

    Post your jokes thread

    Everyone enjoys a joke. Good, bad, cheesy, long, short, clean or dirty..... Anything goes except knock knock jokes! Even Dad jokes! Okay, knock knock jokes too! I'll start.... Two nudists sitting by the pool and one turns to the other and asks "Have you read Marx?" The other replies "Yes...
  11. Lostbhoy

    Rockstar Leeds founder Gordon Hall dead at 51

    Gordon Hall of Möbius Entertainment which went onto become Rockstar Leeds has passed away aged 51. Gordon was "instrumental" in the creation of GTA:Chinatown Wars as well as working on most of Rockstars biggest titles. Cause of death has not been released as yet. RIP...
  12. Lostbhoy

    PS1/2 PS classic (project eris) Gran Turismo 2 data sync?

    Does anyone have any experience with the PS Classic and Project Eris? My brother is a big fan of Gran Turismo 2 and the data for the simulation mode/disc can be synced with the arcade mode/disc but it doesn't seem to want to! I've tried looking around for any information and I find results...
  13. Lostbhoy

    Change Admin email in Win10?

    Okay, ever since my son logged into his Xbox Live account on my PC, he has been listed as an administrator and his email shows as my email in account settings. Can this be changed at all as I am unable to find a way to do so. Also, under the account settings, I cannot remove his account, there...
  14. Lostbhoy

    Best/Favourite Mario Party

    My kids love playing Mario Party and I'm curious what other players think of the series. What would you say say is the best one/favourite one in the series for overall enjoyment/quality of mini games ect as we're getting a bit bored with number 8 and 9 now and 10 is a different beast I'd say but...
  15. Lostbhoy

    Nintendo 90s training video

    This is a Nintendo customer service training video from 1991 demonstrating how retailers should handle difficult customers and various scenarios. They make it sound so easy! All works training videos are cringy but check the attention to detail on the games that are obviously not on the actual...
  16. Lostbhoy

    David Prowse (Darth Vader) Dead

    In more sad news it has been announced that the original actor to play Darth Vader has sadly passed away at 85. David Prowse MBE played the sith lord in the original Star Wars trilogy and was nicknamed "Darth Farmer" by Carrie Fisher due to his strong West Country accent. Mr Prowse was also...
  17. Lostbhoy

    So, the Animaniacs are returning....

    And I'm still laughing at the official trailer!! I was sold on the Jurassic Park parody teaser but here is the official trailer from Hulu... Their new masters I guess? Narf :rofl2: Animaniacs (Official) Trailer | A Hulu Original
  18. Lostbhoy

    Sega to release Golden Axe remake prototype BUT....

    It's been a complete surprise to the developers who were not told about the release and will also be uncredited for thier work that was carried out in the worst conditions apparently...
  19. Lostbhoy

    Rick Moranis Randomly attacked

    Actor Rick Moranis has been randomly attacked while out walking..... This is absolutely disgusting and I hope the slime is caught asap...... CCTV footage is in the tweet along with details of identifying the suspect. Source:BBC news
  20. Lostbhoy

    Gaming Smash Bros: Game requires update??

    Hey, My son has smash bros on disc (which was on version 1.1.7) and I downloaded the dlc with usb helper and installed it but was met with the message an update is required to play. I downloaded said update and installed but still get the same message? What have i done wrong?
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