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    USB Loader GX showing 0 Games

    Hello everyone. I've been trying to fix my USB Loader GX but I can't figure it out. I have a FAT32 1TB HDD with a WBFS folder with games in it all through Wii Backup Manager. One thing I noticed something weird. In the settings of USBLGX, the drive setting says I have a 2048gb drive when I have...
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    USB Loader GX not recognizing games

    Hello everyone, I tried to get GameCube games on my Wii, and successfully did it. But now, I screwed up my Wii Games on USB Loader GX. USB Loader GX won't recognize my Wii games formatted to WBFS on my HDD (It worked flawlessly before I tried GC games). Now, I don't know what to do. I can...
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    I think I broke USB Loader GX

    Hello everyone. This is my second post on this site. So basically I was trying to get GameCube games on USB Loader GX. While doing that, my HDD stopped displaying my Wii games (and yes, I have it selected so I can see Wii games and GC games). I've tried FAT32 format and NTSC (I know it's...
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    USB Loader GX loads black screen

    Hello everyone. I have recently soft modded my Wii with homebrew and I'm trying to load my Wii games from my USB drive to USB Loader GX. I downloaded WBFS game files from the internet and put them on my Sandisk 64gb flash drive formatted to FAT32. I used Wii Backup Manager to transfer my game...
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