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  1. blueskies

    Phantasy Star

    I've never played a Phantasy Star game. I'm slightly interested in playing through the first 4, 1 on master system, 2-4 on genesis. I have IV on cartridge, and was going to play that one first, but (here's my actual question) does the order matter, story-wise? Is this series like Final Fantasy...
  2. blueskies

    PS1/2 Borderlands

    Has anyone picked this up? I definitely want to get it, looks amazing. I just got Uncharted 2 today (stupid Amazon preorder shipping a week late...), so I'll probably get Borderlands next week. If anyone has it or gets it, we should co-op for some extra fun looting.
  3. blueskies

    Gaming GEN-B2 network update

    If I run the network update on 5.50 GEN-B2 will that update me to the OFW or the latest GEN firmware? I know m33 updates to the latest CFW, I didn't know if GEN did the same. I checked now and it says there's a newer update, but don't want to check in case it installs 6.00.
  4. blueskies

    Pix GONE?

    all my uploaded pictures are erased. Is this to help with the slowdowns or something? I had a few pics up there for my sale threads, and my icon in my sig, because you can't do the 'nayps3' thing in sigs. what happened?
  5. blueskies

    Gaming Accessing PSN with CFW

    What firmware version do you need to access the PSN store? I just got another PSP today.. when I had it before with 5.00 m33-6 I could get on store, but now I can't. Is there a CFW that can use the store? Thanks.
  6. blueskies

    How long to wait until reporting ebay fraud?

    I bought this psp on ebay: I jumped on it because the price was so low, obviously a little hastily. I've never had a problem on ebay before, but I've sent this guy three emails now and he hasn't responded. I payed for it late Thursday...
  7. blueskies

    PS1/2 Portable ID now has portable ID placards that display trophy information. No need to use anymore you can get this info straight from the source. I still haven't figured out if they update automatically or if you have to go...
  8. blueskies

    I just bought a dreamcast!! I just bought that dreamcast for $42. I'm hoping it plays backups, I've read a little and I guess later models don't play backups or something. I've wanted one for about 10 years now, so I'm glad I finally got one. :yaydc: I'm about...
  9. blueskies

    GBATemp PSN Game Night

    I want to host a trial run for a PSN Game night this week, to see if there is enough interest to make this a weekly event. Here's the critical information: PSN Game Night - Trial Run Wednesday, August 12th 20:00 UTC (click here to figure out your time zone) Starting game is Burnout Paradise...
  10. blueskies

    GBATemp PSN Game Night

    I'd like to host a trial PSN Game night this week, and I think it would be cool to have a front page notice about it, even if it was just for that day. I've posted about it in the Big PSN ID List thread, but everyone would know about it and could join in if it was on the front page. I was...
  11. blueskies

    PS1/2 The Big PSN ID List

    PLEASE READ: If you post your usernames in a format as follows, gbatemp name / psn name (like, blueskies / suaav) I will be eternally grateful for saving me the extra copy/pasting or typing out of your name, you will immediately receive positive karma and your e-penis (or e-boobies?) will get...
  12. blueskies

    DS Lite Case Mod

    I know case replacements aren't that new, but I like how this one turned out. Last picture next to my new Asus EEE 900 just for fun. It came with a broken white keyboard ('a' key is missing and constantly pressed), but a new black one is on it's way.
  13. blueskies

    New posts in trading forum

    Sorry if this has been brought up, I just thought it was weird. Normally new posts go to the top of the forum, but in the trading forum, the order seems messed up. Sometimes today's posts are on the second page. Is this normal?
  14. blueskies

    Gaming Final Fantasy IX CwCheats

    So, I want to finish FF9, but really get bothered with random battles. I want to use CwCheat to shut off random battles, but have powerful characters so I can breeze through the bosses. Here's my problem. I use the level 99 cheat and all items, but when I equip Zidane with Ultima Weapon, his...
  15. blueskies

    PS1/2 Flower

    I did. Went through the first three levels, and it's pretty fun. I like how simple, beautiful, yet somehow incredibly satisfying it is. I've been getting bored of violent shooters lately, and this is a perfect little gem of a game. The music is great too. I recommend it! I wish there was a...
  16. blueskies

    Gaming If I get banned from Xbox Live...

    If I get banned, will I still be able to use Netflix's streaming service? It's probably the only thing I would miss if I couldn't get on Live, but I don't know if those with Silver memberships can use it (...if you get banned, you do just go to Silver right? Or are you banned from that too??)...
  17. blueskies


    I just found out my ISP has free newsgroup access. I used to pay for it, decided it wasn't worth it, but if it's free then bring it on! Anyone else have Cox Communications? I'm in Southern California, wondering when they'll cap my downloads. First test is Fallout 3 for PC, 10+ GB with pars.
  18. blueskies

    Almost the best captcha evar

    Looks like 'hrth', but it was actually 'hPth'.
  19. blueskies

    Awesome, amazing, hilarious.. cats+metalica

    I don't care if this is copied straight from 4chan, it's hilarious. But I did find in on
  20. blueskies

    Just deleted 9.1GB of roms

    That felt pretty good, getting rid of the crap ds games that I've downloaded for no reason, don't play anymore because I beat them, or just don't like at all. Zips were only about 4.4GB, and I didn't bother counting how many, but I ended up with 38 games left that I either own (8) or really want...
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