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  1. Muxi

    Hacking Will there be html payloads for FW 6.72 as there are for FW 5.05?

    Hi, under FW 5.05 the exploit chain of a payload is located in a single HTML file of small size. Will this also be available for payloads under FW 6.72, or will the exploit chain run differently here?
  2. Muxi

    Homebrew Question Are there alternatives to vgedit?

    Unfortunately, the current version 1.1 of this tool does not close properly and will cause a system crash when run via the hb menu in applet mode. When running in high memory mode, it will close with an error message. However, the error-free version 1.0 cannot be controlled via the controller...
  3. Muxi

    Homebrew Question Is there a way to merge split nsp dumps?

    Hi, Is there a way to merge an NSP file that has been dumped and split on a FAT32 SD card into a single file for archiving, as is possible with split XCIs?
  4. Muxi

    Hacking How to compile a payload to bin format

    Hi, is there anyone who can help me to compile a payload from a source in bin format? What I want to do: I would like to integrate my self-created ApplicationCache.db into stooged's Cache Install Payload so I can install my exploit menu directly by sending this payload. (Then I do not have to...
  5. Muxi

    Hacking ESP8266 Firmware MUXI505_Lite for PS4 FW5.05

    Hi, here is my new ESP8266-Firmware Lite-Version for PS4 FW5.05, I want to share with the community: Payloads included : Original (BIN-Loader) v1 by EdiTzZ - (send Payloads in bin-format, not included in this FW) Mira CFW v1 by specter HEN v1.6 (Version from 04.06.2018) FTP v1.3 (Version from...
  6. Muxi

    Hacking How to update already dumped games ?

    Is there a way to update already dumped games ? Thanks.
  7. Muxi

    Hacking Question about game update packages that require FW> 4.05 to work for games that are FW <4.05

    Hi, is there a way to make the game update files that have a higher firmware version than 4.05 editable so that they work for the corresponding games running with the FW up to 4.05? As an example: The game "Skyrim" runs with FW under 4.05, but needs for the current update v1.09 the firmware...
  8. Muxi

    Hacking Need help with installing game updates

    Is there any guidance on how to handle game update packages? I have attached a picture from the page In this example, there are 3 files to download for the game Lords of the Fallen. There is a 5.2 GB file split into two parts and a delta patch file. I have now downloaded...
  9. Muxi

    Hacking Some Questions about PS4 Exploit/CFW

    Hello, I'm new here in the section PS4 Hacking & Homebrew and have some questions regarding the exploit running on FW 4.05. As I understand it, only payloads are transferred to the PS4 and executed there. I've updated my PS4 pro from OFW 3.70 to 4.05. 1) Is it correct that this hack is not...
  10. Muxi

    Gaming Transfer Game content from one switch to another switch

    I have 2 switches, one on FW 4.1 and the other on FW 3.01. For the game Skyrim I downloaded the language file on the device with FW 4.1 from the Nintendo eShop. Now my question: Is it possible to transfer this language file to the device with FW 3.01? I do not want to update the FW of this...
  11. Muxi

    Homebrew UAE4ALL2 for (N)3DS (Commodore Amiga Emulator)

    Is it technically possible to get the Amiga emulator uae4all2 running on the N3DS? If so, is someone already working on an implementation? It would be great to have such an emulator for the 3DS, just as the PS Vita already has one.
  12. Muxi

    Hacking Luma3DS V9.0 has been released changelog from the developer: Use open source reimplementations of the SM and PXI FIRM modules Fixed breakpoints in the Rosalina debugger (thanks @Nanquitas) Added RAM viewer/editor/dumper feature to Rosalina (thanks @LiquidFenrir) Rosalina now...
  13. Muxi

    Hacking ONEMenu for PSVita

    does anyone have the problem that after the update to version 2.03, a so-called onedebugger screen appears, where only the possibility exists, either to restart the script or to return to the livearea?
  14. Muxi

    Homebrew How to decompress zip-files on N3DS

    Is it possible to decompress a zip-file that has already been transfered to the 3DS sd-card? The Background for that: I don´t want to copy the thousands of decompressed files from retroarch to the sd-card via ftp. Thanks in advance
  15. Muxi

    Homebrew B9S Version Information

    how can I determine which version of B9S is installed?
  16. Muxi

    Hacking Adrenaline Bubble Manager V3.05 released

    Ardenaline Bubble Manager has been updatetd to version 3.05 and is now compatible to adrenaline 6 Changelog since Version 3.01 Added compatibility with Adrenaline v6 and Lmans adrbubblebooter plugin for adrenaline v6. On this version ABM searches for the installed Adrenaline version and adapts...
  17. Muxi

    Hacking Vitashell 1.73 released

    Vitashell has been updated to version 1.73 Changelog since version 1.7: Fixed crash when you pressed triangle in the home menu. Fixed pfs mounting bug where you could not export files from specific folders. Fixed bug where files from https could not be downloaded using QR code. Fixed bug with...
  18. Muxi

    Hacking Vitashell 1.63 released

    Vitashell is updated to version 1.63, but it seems that there isn´t support yet for SD2Vita (sd card mounted as ux0) in usb-mode.
  19. Muxi

    Hacking Videos on PS Vita

    Are there alternatives to QCMA for transfering video-files to the vita? I copied some video-files, using vitashell to the video-folder on ux0 but the video-player does not recognize them.
  20. Muxi

    Hacking How to deinstall not needed system apps

    Is there a possibility to deinstall not needed system apps like near, parental controls etc. ?
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