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  1. isanchez

    Mario 3D All Stars Announced

    If we're lucky enough that nintendo was being lazy and just decided emulate the games then maybe we'll be able to inject other GameCube and wii games onto this.
  2. isanchez

    Hacking Danger of ban because of cfw

    Thank you for you quick answers and also I'm not really paranoid just asking for some don't since I wasn't sure if banning had become as common on the 3ds as it is on the switch.
  3. isanchez

    Hacking Danger of ban because of cfw

    Hello everyone, I wanted to ask what are the dangers of running luma3ds for emulators and twilight? I've been thinking of buying and new 2ds but I remember back before my old 3ds broke a huge ban wave happened that got a lot of people banned including me over using freeshop happened so I wanted...
  4. isanchez

    Nintendo Indie World Showcase August 18th - Roundup - Goose Game gets co-op update

    I'm pretty surprised to see subnautica on there, I think the developers said that they had to work out a lot of performance issue to get it on ps4, how is it going to run on the switch :blink:
  5. isanchez

    Hardware L Joycon acts on its own

    Both of my joycons used to drift really bad and I couldn't get them to work anymore with anything I tried, the brush and the compressed air would make them work but only for a week and then they would start drifting again, I finally fixed them by changing the sticks with ones that I bough from...
  6. isanchez

    Homebrew Suggestion Homebrew app to access microsd instead of payload

    There's goldleaf for installing nsps directly from a computer using usb
  7. isanchez

    Hacking Did I destroyed my switch?

    Just try to do it like that and I'll throw you an error with the path where you need to put it
  8. isanchez

    Hacking Did I destroyed my switch?

    I had the same issue trying to restore from 6.1 from 6.2 and it was fixed by restoring my boot0 and boot1 using rajnx
  9. isanchez

    Gaming Firmware required to play dark souls remastered

    I installed the nsp on a 5.1 system without the update and it works fine, that system was banned and I was too lazy to update it and wanted to see what would happen and as it turned out it worked just fine
  10. isanchez

    Homebrew 3ds emulator on android

    Developers complained it was hard to program form the n64, I've have never heard that from the 3ds
  11. isanchez

    Homebrew 3ds emulator on android

    I just saw your post, I was late to the party XD, also my guess is that you don't have to carry around a 3ds which makes life a little easier
  12. isanchez

    Homebrew 3ds emulator on android

    So apperently someone decided to port citra onto android
  13. isanchez

    Gaming Alright guys, I need your help finding the perfect game

    Hollow knight seems like a good fit but it's a 2d game
  14. isanchez

    Gaming Can someone explain why there are 2 Minecrafts?

    The new minecraft is with the bedrock engine that allows crossplay with other platforms like xbox and pc
  15. isanchez

    Hacking A New Switch Update May Be Coming Soon

    Update is out!!!
  16. isanchez

    Hardware Random thought about a possible fuses fix on the switch. I might be wrong.

    I'm not to sure about how big the fuses in the wii are but I believe that the ones on the nintendo switch are small enough that you need a microscope to see them
  17. isanchez

    Gaming Nintendo teases "new interactive experience for kids" on Nintendo Switch

    I see too much hype here, I'll get the popcorn ready for once everyone is salty and come here to complain about whatever is coming :rofl:
  18. isanchez

    Gaming What to do? (Botw)

    You can always try the korok seed:P
  19. isanchez

    Gaming Yooka laylee on switch game play

    True, I wanted to get yooka laylee for the switch too but there are too many good games coming out and I'm broke at the moment :/
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