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    Hacking DSiWare System Transfer

    Hi, Following the Plailect guide, I carried out a Fieldrunners DSiWare downgrade by doing a System Transfer from my old previously a9lh'd 2DS to my new N3DS. Everything worked fine, and the NNID also transferred from my old 2DS to my new N3DS. I know I can't do a System Transfer back to my old...
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    Hacking Successful A9LH install on N3DS XL v10.3

    Hi all. Just a quick note to thank all those who have put time and effort into finding exploits, developing tools & guides, and providing general assistance for dummies like me to downgrade & install A9LH / Luma on our 3DS's. I've previously done 2 old 3DS's (one required hardmod) and one 2DS...
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