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    Hacking Help needed with unbrick my Switch; USER BIS KEY FAIL!: Entropy

    Hi all, For a time I try to unbrick my switch because during boot I see (after the two logo's) the error 2002-4686 (Something went wrong, please restart). I figured that there is a biskey mismatch with the USER partition in the NAND. When I try to test in HacDiskMount, only the USER partion...
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    Hacking Switch doens't start anymore error 2002-4686

    Hi all, I really appreciate some help to get my Switch (if possible) back up and running. After trying to play Animal Crossing (with SX OS) the Switch crashed and after every boot (CFW of OFW) I see error 2002-4686. The error appear after the Nintendo and Switch logo's during startup. My guess...
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    Hi all! A newbey here

    Hi all, great to be here! I use This forum a lot to search for usefull information regarding Nintendo Switch. One of the gamesystems I use a lot. And I thougt it was time to create an account right now ! Any tips for great threads?
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