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  1. Lazycus

    Hacking COD:BO update makes playing off USB unbearable

    It looks to be an update that actually seeks to prevent USB loader usage by making it painfully lagged and skip frames. Play it off of disc and everything works fine. Play it off USB and it's just no fun because you are crippled by the lag and can't compete. I want to play it off USB because it...
  2. Lazycus

    Hacking NeoGamma with NTFS

    Has anyone listened to their Wii disc chattering around when playing COD:BO? That game moves the laser around so much I'm sure it will eventually break the plastic gears. My goal is to use NeoGamma with a WD My Passport Essential 500GB USB 2.0 drive. It comes formatted as NTFS and I would...
  3. Lazycus

    Hacking 4.3U with a little homebrew

    Here is my situation. My Wii is at 4.3U with an original WiiKey. I run almost all of my games from disc. I like to use NeoGamma to run a few games from a USB drive. Before updating to 4.3U I had cIOS249 v14 and cIOS250 v65535 and no other cIOS or modified IOS. I updated my HBC and used the...
  4. Lazycus

    Hacking WAD-Manager_v1.3 Vs. cIOS36_rev9 Installer

    Here is my situation: I have a 3.4U Wii with HBC installed. I have used WAD-Manager to install IOS16. I would like to install cIOS36-rev9 to run Trucha signed games and run the USB Loader. If I run "cIOS36_rev9 Installer" I get a -2011 error. My understanding is that this error is a result...
  5. Lazycus

    Hardware Logitech Wireless keyboard for Wii $20 after $20 rebate

    View the specifics at If you really want the "official" keyboard in white you won't find a better price.
  6. Lazycus

    Hacking Wall-E (USA) non-standard ISO size ?

    OK, everyone knows that a standard Wii ISO should be 4,699,979,776 bytes. This is the case with the STRANGE release of Wall-E (USA). If you burn this release it will start up correctly and everything will look fine until you choose to play a 'NEW GAME'. At that point it will go to a loading...
  7. Lazycus

    Gaming Rock Band (USA) released on newsgroups

    There has been an independent release of Rock Band on a.b.g.wii. Since it's not an official group release delivered through 'proper' channels it won't be listed on the front page. There is no nfo but the filenames are 'Rock Band.part0nn.rar'. I'm sure somebody will package it up and release...
  8. Lazycus

    Gaming Missing Wii Releases

    Up to this point I think every NTSC-U Wii title has been released except: "Canada Hunt" "Truck Racer" "Kart Racer" "Horrible Histories: Ruthless Romans" Are there any others that have been forgotten?
  9. Lazycus

    Hardware New GHIII Wii Guitar

    Oooooh, me likey!
  10. Lazycus

    Hardware Nice/cheap keyboard for Wii

    I picked up a 'Labtec media wireless desktop 800' at RadioShack the other day for $9.99. It's a basic wireless keyboard/mouse combo with a USB mini-receiver. The range isn't that great but it works perfectly with the Wii. It's part number 920-000294, just make sure you get the USB version...
  11. Lazycus

    High School Musical: Sing It! (USA) released

    Credit goes to Dack for spotting it sitting out there a few days ago:
  12. Lazycus

    Hacking wiiKey update disc v1.9b cheese

    Does anyone else think this stuff is funny?: The "ass" background "SEGA" sound "666" "Insert coin." Homer Simpson "You're all nuts." Anything else I missed? Also, I'm not sure why so many people are having trouble updating. Sure the file padding script & exe are actually in the v1.3...
  13. Lazycus

    Gaming Would it frighten you to know . . .

    Would it frighten you to know that your Wii keeps track of every game you play and if connected to the internet forwards that information to Nintendo? Information like if it is an out of region game, or if it was played off a regular DVD, or if it was played by you while naked? Has anyone...
  14. Lazycus

    Cyclowiz Upgrade 3.0B available

    From 03/30/2007 The news are good today. First of all, we received two new Wii consoles for testing, one from Japan and one from Hong Kong. Both have the new drive revision that was spotted in Taiwan last week. Guess what, while the drive PCB is different, CycloWiz has...
  15. Lazycus

    Hacking WiiKey errors on ALL GC streaming audio games

    I've verified this on a few games and it looks like the 'audiofix' code will cause any GameCube game to crash when the streaming audio is going to play. All the Naruto games have the streaming audio so I believe that is why they all crash as well. Maybe the Wii JAP games that are crashing are...
  16. Lazycus


    Has been down for a few days or is it just me? No pics load on main page, clicking on links gives me 'not authorized' errors?
  17. Lazycus

    Gaming Best deal on a Wii ever?

    Apart from winning a free Wii in a contest I dare you to beat this deal: Wii for MSRP of $249.99 (USD), less 20% for President's Day sale, less 15% for using Meijer card, less 10% for first use of Meijer card = $146.25 Plus a $5 gift card for the Meijer card sign-up Did anyone else get in on...
  18. Lazycus

    Gaming Great deal on DK Jungle Beat + extra bongos

    If you've never played any of the Donkey Kong bongo games on GameCube here is your chance to pick them up for cheap. GameStop/EBGames is selling Donkey Kong JungleBeat with bongos, plus an extra bongos controller for only $9.99 through 1/2/07. Like their ad says - they work great on a Wii too...
  19. Lazycus

    Hacking Loader V4.2 now available

    U-disk Manager Version V4.1F(+ loader V4.2) ============================================ 1) Media-Extend was added. Support mp3 music, dsm or dpg video format. (based on moonshell) 2) The menu of GBA/NDS was modified. Note: To run "Media-Extend", please put "MediaPlayExtend" directory into the...
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