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  1. shango46

    Anyone want to play Sky Factory 4?

    Hello everyone! I was recently laid off due to COVID-19, so I decided to play some Sky Factory 4. For those who do not know, SF4 is a mod pack for java Minecraft. I set up a new server and have been playing for the past couple of days with my son, but I want more people to play with. If you are...
  2. shango46

    Hardware So I just bricked my n3ds XL...

    So, l was trying to install 9.5.-23USA update to my emunand when suddenly my system froze and powered down. I turned it back on and now it does not power up, other than the power light. Screens stay dark. I tried going in to recovery mode, and it comes up, but it doesn't matter what I press...
  3. shango46

    Hacking HELP! 3.18 Vita and installing TN-V

    Ok, here goes: I have a fresh US Vita on 3.18 and I want to install the Talkman Tokyo TN-V exploit. It is brand new out of the box meaning that no PSN account has been registered to it, and anyway I try to do it, it keeps telling me I need to upgrade the firmware in order to activate it. I...
  4. shango46

    Rust Server I started. Come Play!

    Hello everyone! I just recently started playing a game called Rust on Steam. I like it so much, I bought my own server and would like other people to play with me! As soon as Rust loads, press F1 and paste the following in the box that pops up. net.connect When you...
  5. shango46

    My brothers account

    My little brother just signed up an account so he could try and enter the Tempmas week 3 competition, but after he signed up and verified his email, he can not post or reply anywhere. He has a picture to submit, but the site won't let him. Anyone know whats up? His account name is Unsuspicious...
  6. shango46

    Hacking Cheat with PS1 Classics

    I have been searching for a bit now and have found no answers, so I will ask: Is there a way to use Action Replay/GameShark/etc.. on PS1 games that you convert for PS3? I know you can do it for PS2 games, so maybe PS1? Maybe inject a swap disc with a cdfs browser? Anyone?
  7. shango46

    Gaming Terraria Xbox 360 friends

    So, anyone play Terraria on Xbox 360? I have been playing for 2 days now and I am doing good, but I want other people to play with. Anyone want to add me and play? XBGT: Shango46
  8. shango46

    What to buy?

    So I was given a $100 Visa card today and I have no idea what to buy. I have an Ipod, 3DS (Acekard and DSTwo already), modded all of my systems (Cobra - PS3, Wasabi360, and my Wii has been good since the old Twilight hack days, not that I play it anymore), so I am covered on that side of things...
  9. shango46

    Where are the skins?

    I am trying to find a new skin for my xbox but it appears all the old sites are gone. Does anyone know where there might be some unleash x skins?
  10. shango46

    Hacking PS3 SNES Emu Help!

    I am trying to play some SNES on my PS3. I installed the SNES90000_VER_01.00.pkg file and have put a few roms in the Rom folder in the SNEs90000-USDIR-roms folder. Every rom I try to load I get some yellow writing and then black screen. I use the demo rom Pong.sfc and that works, but all the...
  11. shango46

    I won a Chili Cook Off!

    I won the 2011 Lamont Summer Sizzler Rodeo & Fair Chili Cook Off! It was a lot of competition (40+ entries), but my Chili won by a large lead (My crockpot was empty before anyone else's was even half way through). I won a trophy, some personalized oven mits, a hat, a keychain, and a nice kitchen...
  12. shango46

    Hacking Just Dance 2 DLC

    I was wondering if there was a way to get the Just Dance 2 NTSC-U DLC from the web. Anyone figure out how to do this?
  13. shango46

    My brother Vs. Death Sauce

    Here is a funny video I had to share with you guys. It is my brother eating Blair's Ultra Death Sauce. He was bragging before how he could eat some and not even flinch so I had to tape it.
  14. shango46

    C++ is very interesting...

    I have just started learning C++ and I have to say 1 thing about it: WOW! It is very interesting to say the very least. I just finished a lesson on variables and constants and have created a simple DOS calculator program. It's a good thing I don't have ADD or ADHD. lol. I have started...
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