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  1. tomx86

    BOTW rstb help!

    Hello, I'm trying to change the size of "Msg_EUen.product.ssarc" in "ResourceSizeTable.product.srsizetable", but this happens I did everything like in the tutorial, installed "python 3.7.0" and "rstb 1.2.2", so can someone please tell me what is wrong?
  2. tomx86

    Hacking Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl MODS

    Hey, guys does anybody know how to extract/decrypt graphic and .msbt files in: "romfs\Data\StreamingAssets\AssetAssistant" Switch toolbox doesn't work, please help.
  3. tomx86

    ROM Hack Question BOTW font editing help.

    Hello, guys I edited BOTW .bffnt files inside "Font_EU.sbfarc" and "Font_US.sbfarc" to have polish characters, by replacing existing characters with them in the extracted.png image files, but I can't get them to work, so here is what is happening: First I tried to use "Switch-Toolbox", after...
  4. tomx86

    Hacking GATEWAY 11.14 is here if someone cares

    Hi, guys like the title says, a mod for GATEWAY to work on 11.14 firmware for both o3ds and n3ds is available to download here: have fun, it works! here is the tutorial: !If your...
  5. tomx86

    ROM Hack Question Pokemon Sword and Shield text editor?

    Hi guys I'm considering to translate those games to Polish, but I don't know, how to edit the .dat files that contain the text of the game, can someone help me, and if there is a editor for that the can it please be like .msbt editors that can add extra characters and not mess up the display in...
  6. tomx86

    ROM Hack Pokemon Sword and Shield Complete Curry Dex Data Blocks for PKHeX

    Hi, guys if some one want's to have a complete curry dex in couple of minutes, here is how. Open your save in PKHeX, go to SAV/Block Data, choose "*Object KCurryDex", and import the correct .bin file to your game: "151 Charizard Class Curry Dex - Sword Cinderace and Dottler 12.13.2019...
  7. tomx86

    ROM Hack How to extract and rebuild .cfa files from .cia in 3dstool

    Hi guys I trying to extract, edit and rebuild a .cia file with .cfa SystemApp file inside, I used this command to extract: ctrtool.exe --content=SystemApp Title.cia 3dstool.exe -xvtf cfa SystemApp.0000.00000006 --header NCCH.Header --exh DecryptedExHeader.bin --exefs DecryptedExeFS.bin --romfs...
  8. tomx86

    ROM Hack Got Pokemon Bank 1.5 but it still wants to update, why?

    Hi, guys like the title says why is that? I got it by installing a .cia file: How to fix this? And no I didn't found Poke Transporter 1.5, and my 3ds is on 11.13.0-45. I used FBI to delete the red ticket, still didn't fix it. So if anyone has an idea, please share it, thanks in advance.
  9. tomx86

    ROM Hack A editor that handles .bclim image 13 format?

    I need to edit a .bclim ericsson compressed (etc1A4) file, and "kuriimu-v1.0.14-e086e7f" doesn't support it. I tried "png2bclim" but it only supports etc1/etc1A4 to PNG conversion with errors: And .bclim etc1/etc1A4 creation not supported. EveryFileExplorer extracts the PNG file fine: But...
  10. tomx86

    ROM Hack Kuriimu2 compile help please.

    Can someone please compile "Kuriimu2" for me? I tried my self but I keep getting errors, I'm not a visual studio expert when compiled other programs in the past (PKHeX) all I did is press the "Start" button and it worked, but "Kuriimu2" doesn't. I need to edit a .bclim ericsson compressed...
  11. tomx86

    Gaming Pokemon HOME Magearna original color, help.

    Hi guys, I got a banned switch so I can't get my Meltan and Melmetal from my Let's go games to transfer into Pokemon HOME, and I have transported all my pokemon from Pokemon Bank to the mobile version gen 1 to gen 7, and got the almost all gen 8 (working on getting all Alcremie forms) from GTS...
  12. tomx86

    ROM Hack PKHeX item ★And15 and ★And458 Block Data

    Hi, guys does anybody got the "*Object KMysteryGift" (112D5141.bin) file with item ★And15 and ★And458, from Pokemon Sword or Shield inside? I just want to be able to catch Larvitar and Jangmo-o, and you need that data to do so, please if someone have them both, can you share:bow::bow::bow: PS...
  13. tomx86

    Hardware Switch v.1 with battery from v.2 will it work?

    Hi, guys I've been wondering, if I ever need to replace my Switch v.1 battery, will a battery for Switch v.2 work? And why you may ask? Longer battery life of course:yayswitch: Please, if someone knows tell me, thank you in advance.
  14. tomx86

    Homebrew Suggestion emuNANDTool for Switch or something?

    Hello, do any of you guys know a program for windows that backups and injects SX OS emuNAND hidden partition on the microSD card, like "emuNANDTool_1.0.3.exe" does for GATEWAY emuNAND on the 3DS. If yes then please give me a link, please. Thank you in advance.
  15. tomx86

    ROM Hack Suggestion Dark souls remastered A and B button switch

    Hello, please can someone help me and assume many others, and make a fix, hack, mod or something to switch A and B buttons because it's annoying, thanks in advance.
  16. tomx86

    ROM Hack Question Restoring Switch backup with older firmaware, safe?

    Halo, when I got my Switch it had 4.0.0 stock firmware, with I fully dumped (29.1 GB), But now I got the latest firmware so I can go to eShop, and my Question if I ever brick my console, can I restore the stock firmware, or make now a backup with the latest firmware, and restore that?
  17. tomx86

    ROM Hack Help! How to extract 3ds nds titles?

    Hello, I want to extract "0004800542383841.cia" and "00048005484E4441.cia" so I can translate them into Polish, if it's possible. Can someone tell me how to get to the .MSBT files inside, or if there are different files that hold the display text? I tried with ctrtool.exe but I only know the...
  18. tomx86

    Hacking Does Stargate 3DS have a Gateshark cheat menu?

    Hi guys I'm planning to buy one, but nowhere is written if the flashcard supports the Gateshark cheat menu, if someone of you has one already can you tell me please, thank you in advance:bow::bow::bow:
  19. tomx86

    Homebrew Is converting gameshark codes to gateshark possible?

    Hi, guys I've go pokemon gold vc and I want "All Room Decorators" gateshark code, because when I do it with a emulator it damages the save (RTC I think), and I need to start the game again, if some one can do it then please do, here are the gameshark codes: All Room Decorators Gold & Silver...
  20. tomx86

    ROM Hack .bclyt textures editor anyone?

    Hi, I'm translating eShop to Polish and added "Sklep" to the Banner: and I want do do the same to the opening screen here: but the texture is in a .bclyt and EFE only views them: How to extract the .bclim files from the .bclyt file and after editing replace it with the original .bclim?
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