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  1. ojsinnerz.

    Things to buy for the future

    Ok, I just got Dark Souls today. I'm going to play this non-stop whenever I'm actually home. As for now, I have an exam coming up and homework to do. Going to pre-order Professor Layton and the Last Specter. It's only 24.99 from Bestbuy Canada. Nier Original Soundtrack, and Myst: Xenosaga...
  2. ojsinnerz.


    I'm technically taking a year off from school. I volunteer, keep up with a part time job, go to a "high school for failures" to upgrade some marks, and I signed up for a gym membership last month. I try to save money, so I walk to my gym, job, etc. Besides the school, they're all in the same...
  3. ojsinnerz.


    What the hell? This if an incredibly fun game. I expected it to be a fast-paced, challenging game, with intelligent level designs, but I got way more than that. I spent 5 hours into it today. I never play any games over 3 hours. The story is rather weak, in my opinion, and Vincent is a...
  4. ojsinnerz.

    The Vengeance Trilogy

    I've been watching a lot of movies lately. I'm a bit burnt out from playing video games. I just finished watching The Vengeance Trilogy(Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Oldboy, and Lady Vengeance). Wow, spectacular movies, they are. Well, I didn't like the first movie so much, but the second and the...
  5. ojsinnerz.

    Shadows of the Damned

    Well this is a suprise. I'm at the final boss of the game. I've been playing on Hard mode, and got to the final boss in 8 hours and 15 minutes. I died maybe twice in total, and had no problems with any of the puzzles or anything. But this glitch just makes me angry. There's a glitch on hard...
  6. ojsinnerz.

    The King of Fighters XIII Thread

    King of Fighters 12? What the heck are you smoking bro, KOF XII does not exist. We went from XI to XIII, don't you know? Bought KOF 12 (Poor thing you)? Disappointed by the lack of content and awful online? (Who wasn't?) Well thankfully, KOF XIII is getting a console release, and is being...
  7. ojsinnerz.

    Travelin' in Korea

    Lighten up. Even I'm (You know, the same ojsinnerz. that used to make all sorts of parodies and flooded the blogs. Good time with my bros back then) not making a joke topic. Been here for 9 days now. Traveled through pretty much everywhere on the top half of the country. Lot'sa rain, and warm...
  8. ojsinnerz.

    A better person awaits

    "Elitest" has been dropped in the favor of the original me. I had some revelations before my birthday. I realized why my mental state was in that state for 2 years. It was for 2 reasons. One, for the attention of others. If I was informative and "loud", then I thought I would have more...
  9. ojsinnerz.


    Your reaction when people whine about not getting any valuable Christmas presents because they are too incompetent to realize the sort of financial recession most families and people are experiencing and the only thing concerning them is themselves and their materialistic and arrogant desires...
  10. ojsinnerz.


    Made a steam account. I decided to "abandon" filthy consoles and join the Master Race. Will be buying Amnesia, Super Meat Boy, Deus Ex, Indie Heavy Hitter Pack, and a few packages. After looking at the prices of the games, I now understand the glory of the master race. Now, if only more...
  11. ojsinnerz.

    Atlas Shrugged and games for Christmas

    Red Dead Redemption and Atlas Shrugged for myself, Atelier Rorona (I don't know why I'm getting this actually. I'm getting it for free from a friend, technically, so doesn't matter. I bought him a copy of Vanquish), Ys: The Oath in Felghana LE from War (I bought War a copy of Vanquish), and 9...
  12. ojsinnerz.

    Goddamn video game industry

    Vanquish sold approximately 40k so far. That's just goddamn sad. You know how little that is? Rune Factory 3 sold 11k so far. It's been out for 2 weeks now. The previous Rune Factory games sold nearly triple that on the first week. And he said releasing it on the same date as Black ops won't...
  13. ojsinnerz.


    Well, I'm going to be applying at a University pretty soon. My highschool year went by pretty fast. Pretty good experience overall besides my grade 10 year.
  14. ojsinnerz.

    Review Vanquish

    Vanquish is the first game Shinji Mikami has made for Platinum games. A third person shooter that focuses on speed and quick thinking instead of taking cover next to chest high walls, or just shooting while standing. Does it have everything to be a good game? Story: You play as the game's...
  15. ojsinnerz.

    Vancouver Canucks

    A friend of mine gave me a ticket to go see the the Canucks versing the Red Wings on Saturday. I stopped caring about sports in general two years ago, but if I can see a game for free, I am so in.
  16. ojsinnerz.


    Wow, no thread about Vanquish? GBAtemp must REALLY hate playing real games. The game is repetitive? Boo hoo, all fps and most TPS are the same. It's too short? I'll explain about that in a sec. No replay value? There's 5 difficulty modes, a challenge mode, and an online scoreboard. Tons of...
  17. ojsinnerz.

    Rune Factory 3

    Who thought it was a good idea to release Rune Factory 3 on the same day Black ops comes out. I might as well pre-order two copies.
  18. ojsinnerz.

    I hate furries

    They're disturbing as fuck.
  19. ojsinnerz.


  20. ojsinnerz.

    Blazblue Continuum shift

    Discuss. Of course, Hells Malice will come in and say it sucks, and continue to say it without a good reason. From what I see, the tiers will probably end up like this. This isn't the official tier, but from my observation. S: Litchi, Bang, A: Ragna B+: Carl, Hakumen, Arakune B: Lambda, Jin...
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