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  1. Kevinpuerta

    iQue Player Code Execution achieved!

    a group called SUXXORS released all the roms and tickets to public. The ique discord was able to inject some roms into their iques, update them to newest version, and made a work around for the demo time limits to make them pretty much unlimited time.
  2. Kevinpuerta

    Nintendo 64 accessory 64Mate begins its Kickstarter campaign

    useless. i just have them in a shoe box.
  3. Kevinpuerta

    Hacking Where Can I Get The GateWay Firmware For The Blue Cart?

    I uploaded the 3.04 release I had here File date says its from 2/3/2015 so I dont know if its an older release or one of their last releases. It has the blue card and red card files
  4. Kevinpuerta

    Hacking [REQUEST] R4i Gold XL Kernel

    Heres the kernal if you still need it.
  5. Kevinpuerta

    Hacking Action Replay Versions

    There was also the action replay pokemon edition. think it was the same as the dsi one instead it only had pokemon cheat codes
  6. Kevinpuerta

    The Sonic movie surpasses Detective Pikachu for most successful video game movie box office opening

    Lol they did the same thing with the spanish dub. the voice for sonic is a youtuber with no previous voice acting roles
  7. Kevinpuerta

    Donkey Kong Country Returns now available on the Nvidia Shield in China only

    Theyve already been dumped. You can install the apks but i think theres a problem with they cant be verified by nvidea servers to let you actually load them
  8. Kevinpuerta

    ED64 Plus... my impressions. Any Owners around here?

    Is the sd card a well known brand? Is it branded at all? Might be a cheap chinese sd card.
  9. Kevinpuerta

    GCN Just a quick question(s)

    Xeno mod chip Brand new gamecube controller (smash version) Used gameboy player (you dont need the player disc if you have xeno)
  10. Kevinpuerta

    Gaming Need help with Dead Cells with crack

    Off topic. Youre deaf? Didnt you make a thread on which earphones you should buy a while back? Edit: didnt realized i bumped this 1 month thread
  11. Kevinpuerta

    Japanese auction shows off prototype Nintendo Wii controller

    Has no one been on assembler? Theres been pics of these for years now
  12. Kevinpuerta

    Hacking I had saved a game and shut down my 3ds earlier. Now it boots to a black screen.

    Same happened to my smash bros 3ds game way back. Think I just deleted the folder for it in the sd card
  13. Kevinpuerta

    Hacking What R4 clone is this?

    yes use ysmenu or wood
  14. Kevinpuerta

    Tutorial Mod Joycon jig Without welding.

    Welding? I know you meant soldering lol
  15. Kevinpuerta

    Hacking Reisyukaku teases ReiNX (CFW)

    Okay, but not a fan of the anime splash screen
  16. Kevinpuerta

    ED64 Plus... my impressions. Any Owners around here?

    Im guessing alt64 firmware
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