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  1. jimmyemunoz

    Hacking M3 is now 4.5.0-10 Compatible

    Wow, the M3 Team is looking to capitalize on the 4.5.0-10 money. Their M3i Zero GMP-Z003 flash card now runs on 4.5.0-10 firmware. Grab the 2 files you need to upgrade from 1) Run the .nds file on a DS/DS Lite/DSi (NOT 3DS!), when it's...
  2. jimmyemunoz

    Hacking M3i Zero GMP-Z003 v1.44 & Update

    Does anyone need the update file for their M3i Zero GMP-Z003?
  3. jimmyemunoz

    ROM Hack Pokemon White - Event Pokemon

    OK, I would like to know if I could use someone else's save file for Pokemon White/Black (that has legit Pokemon from the events) and transfer it to my retail Pokemon game using the r4i-sdhc save dongle? My guess is I if it's possible and someone has all or most of the events already...
  4. jimmyemunoz

    Hacking Team Introduce New Device

    Link to a new saves dongle that also has the ability to backup DS games. :D
  5. jimmyemunoz

    Hacking Quick question about "Special Mode"

    OK, I can't remember for my life how to change the speed number when you select "On" for "Special Mode." Please help? Thanks. :)
  6. jimmyemunoz

    Hacking R4I-SDHC Save Dongle **Cheap Price

    I got an email from and they're selling the new R4i-sdhc save dongle for super cheap. They want $10.83 (US) to have it air mail shipped (cheapest shipping) If you want better shipping the price is $12.96. Go here to take advantage of the deal. :D Hope I helped someone with buying a...
  7. jimmyemunoz

    Hacking R4I-SDHC...I Hate the date & Time on top screen

    Ok. I hate the date and time being on the top screen of EVERY theme on the R4I-SDHC 3DS ( and I want it gone, like right now. Does anyone know how to get rid of it? I'd appreciate if anyone could help.
  8. jimmyemunoz

    Hacking R4i-sdhc Released new kernel/firmware today v1.49B

    Go to to get it. Compatibility with new Nintendo 3.0.0-5 update. :D New Icon :D
  9. jimmyemunoz

    Read Lamef*ck's NFO **Must Read**

    Ok I had some troubles getting it to show. Go to the link and click on "More Details and Comments" for Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 and then view the NFO at the bottom. link
  10. jimmyemunoz

    Lamef*ck NFO **Must Read**

  11. jimmyemunoz

    Hacking R4i-sdhc Released new kernel/firmware today v1.48B

    Go to and find your update :)
  12. jimmyemunoz

    Hardware Battery Pack for the 3DS?

    Check out this link. Do you guys think this item is safe for charging the 3DS battery with a USB charge cord? It says it outputs 5V at 1 amp. Is this ideal. I'm looking for a technical answer not yes or no, ok? I want to be safe, not sorry.
  13. jimmyemunoz

    NTT DoCoMo begins testing automated Japanese / English translation app

    I came up on an interesting app on Engadget. The app is still being tested BUT it is able to translate Japanese to English with 80-90% accuracy. I think this is relevant news to translation projects that in the works or will be started. A Rom hacker can, with the use of this app, essentially do...
  14. jimmyemunoz

    Hacking Ace3ds Website Hacked Today!

    It seems the hackers are busy today as the same group that hacked the site ALSO hacked the website. LOL :unsure:
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