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  1. AbraCadvr

    Hacking StarPatch 4.1 on Wii 4.2?

    i was wondering if StarPatch 4.1 will work on sys menu 4.2? or we will have to wait for an update?
  2. AbraCadvr

    Hacking help with Ghostbusters

    rare i ask for help but now i dont know what to do! im on an NTSC wii,using 4.1 firmware,cIOS rev14,Neogamma rev7 ..i lost wiimote connection at the warning screen! i know there is alot of post about it...i downloaded the game at 2 diff place "scrubbed version".now i dunno what to do!
  3. AbraCadvr


    Hi! welcome to gbatemp
  4. AbraCadvr

    Homebrew Emulator fowarder channel

    anyone can point me to somes emulator forwarder channel..the only one i found is for Snes9x,im trying to find the same thing for fceu,visualboy,SMS,genesis ect! so i just have to update files trough /apps/ and keep the same channel over and over! thanks for helping!
  5. AbraCadvr

    Gaming The game with no name - Nanashi no Geemu DS

    anyone know if it exist a translation or any info, if it will be released in US-EUR someday??
  6. AbraCadvr

    Hacking iTouch DS Firmware 2.4b released!

    Firmware 2.4b ========================= ChangeLog: ========== 1.Solve the problem of adding the soft-rest function for Game 3366,,3367,3369,3396,3401,3406,3415,3416,3417,3418,3424,3429,3449,3456 2.Solve the problem of adding the RTS function for Game 3149,3397,3401,3414,3418,3427,3429 3.Fix the...
  7. AbraCadvr

    Hacking iTouch DS Firmware 2.3D Released

    get it at
  8. AbraCadvr

    Hacking iTouch DS Firmware 2.3C Released
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