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  1. Ihaveausername

    Hacking My LiveArea looks weird

    How to fix I tried formatting the system but it didn't work
  2. Ihaveausername

    Hacking You can now downgrade your 3.71 3.72 vita I tried it and it didn't fuck up my vita The Pastebin is not good
  3. Ihaveausername

    Hacking Bricked Vita?

    Hello so I tried the sex to dex and when I turn on my vita 1 of 2 things happens it will boot into safe mode or display an error code C1-3473-7 and the safe mode is limited It will only let you choose 2 options to restart and update I try to reinstall 3.68 it will display error code c0 10108-0...
  4. Ihaveausername

    Why do custom firmwares have weird names?

    I was just wondering why do cfws have strange names like henkaku and henkaku ENSO + what's the difference between ENSO and non ENSO Rebug and Haxhi,Coldboot Hachi, cobra,DD wart,hya cfw,lme,free mcboot, molecular shell,also what is the point of cfw if you can't customize it,and There are more...
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