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  1. windhazard

    Hacking Sys Ftpd not working. What to check?

    I remember when sysftpd first came out, it worked well on my Switch. Now it suddenly stops working, so any tips what to check would help a lot. About my setup: - Tumger SD File newest ver 10 - Launch option FTP + CFW - Not banned, connected to my home wifi - On PC I use FileZilla, entered the...
  2. windhazard

    Hacking Restoring Vitashell - Need Psvimgtool Frontend

    I'm trying to restore Vitashell on my 3.65 enso but I found out that the github page of this tool was taken down. Can someone please share your files with me?
  3. windhazard

    Hacking Losing sigpatch all of a sudden

    Update: Thanks to @Lunalik for his files, I got sigpatch working now. It is still confusing how rajkosto's sigpatch stopped working overnight. People are saying it doesn't allow installing and launching forged/fake titles, but I actually got it working on the first day though. Yesterday I...
  4. windhazard

    Hacking Ntrboothax not working?

    I've done this quite a few times but I just can't get it to work on this particular o3ds of my friend. I checked these things to make sure they are ok: - My R4i Gold 3DS - Cartridge slot - 4 buttons: X, Start, Select, Power - Magnet activates sleep mode Basically it just boots into normal...
  5. windhazard

    Hacking Should I buy this?

    Being offered a PS4 without controller on 4.07 for 140€.
  6. windhazard

    Hacking How to cheat on PS3?

    Hi guys, what is the best way to apply cheat codes to Ps3 games in general? I have tried Bruteforce Save Data but the database was not updated since long ago so new games like Cold Steel 2 or Persona 5 doesn't have cheat yet. Same for CCCheaterX. I tried decrypting a persona 5 save but...
  7. windhazard

    Hacking Bricked, what can I do?

    What if I bricked my NAND because of an error during CTR Transfer and I don't have a working backup, but I DO have A9LH installed. Can I just try CTR Transfer again till it works?
  8. windhazard

    Hacking Fastest way to transfer everything?

    Hey guys I have a n3ds with A9LH, tons of "backups" installed as well as save datas on it. What is the fastest way to transfer everything to another n3ds? Since my 128GB card is almost full, download everything again from freeshop would be a chore.
  9. windhazard

    Hacking Luma3DS chainloader menu

    Today I found a new update to the 3ds guide. It used to be renaming hourglass.bin to start_hourglass.bin and press start on boot to launch it. Now I don't have to rename the payload, instead just press start on boot and it's supposed to open the chainloader menu, which I can choose hourglass...
  10. windhazard

    Hacking Help me install Adrenaline!

    Hi guy I was away from the vita scene for quite a time and now I can't download a PSP demo on my 3.60 Vita because of the PS Store firmware restriction. The links I found are very confusing and I don't know which way is the most up-to-date and easiest. By the way, I also have an PS3 on 4.81...
  11. windhazard

    Hacking Homebrew Entrypoint

    I have an o3DS on 10.7.0-32 (which browserhax doesn't work) and the cartridge slot also doesn't work. Which choice do I have left for an entrypoint?
  12. windhazard

    Hacking Bruteforce savedata editor corrupts save

    I'm new to the PS3 scene and I just got my first PS3 with 4.81 Rebug. I want to edit money in Tears To Tiara 2 using Bruteforce save editor and followed the steps carefully: 1. Load PARAM.SFO of my own console 2. Load my own save folder 3. Decrypt PFD 4. Apply cheats 5. Update and encrypt PFD 6...
  13. windhazard

    Hacking New to PS3 CFW. Help!!

    Hi guys I just bought a PS3 Fat with CFW today. It comes with Rebug 4.70 butI don't have any knowledge about this so please someone can guide me: - How to update to lastest Rebug 4.81 - Backup, or anything related - What Cobra, Webman and the others do Any help is greatly appreciated. Or even...
  14. windhazard

    Hacking Question regarding entry point for Dsiware downgrade

    Why is steelhax chosen as the entry point? Does other hax works? I have a freakyhax cartridge (which works even on 11.2) and I wonder if I should get steel diver too..
  15. windhazard

    Hacking Can't uninstall A9LH

    I have an o3ds XL with A9LH installed and updated to 11.2. Now i want to delete the hacks before selling it but when i load the SafeA9LHinstaller 2.0.3 payload and choose to uninstall, it shows the message "Firm 11.0 or newer has been detected" and won't let me uninstall. I lost my old 9.2...
  16. windhazard

    Hacking Change region using Godmode

    At the end of Plailect's A9LH guide, i saw the option to change 3ds region using Godmode payload. I'm living in EU and got my hand on a 3ds from the US, which I want to change to EU. My questions are: 1.Can I play EU game cartridge? 2.Can I access and download game in eshop? 3.Can I system...
  17. windhazard

    Hacking Downgrade 9.2 error "hash mismatch"

    Hi guys i am trying to downgrade a n3ds firmware 9.8 eur to 9.2 according to plailect's guide (a9lh) but i am stuck. The process was going fine till verifying 0004013820000003.cia then it stops and says "has mismatch. please reboot". Rebooted muliple times, tried again but stuck at the same...
  18. windhazard

    Hacking Can't boot A9LH after accidentally format the SD

    I got a new3ds xl from my friend, with A9LH installed. After accidentally format the SD, i can't boot my console anymore. I found this link: But even with the file arm9loaderhax.bin from the latest...
  19. windhazard

    Hacking PS TV connect to PC with QCMA

    Can i do that through USB Cable like with PS Vita? When i go to CMA in my PSTV, there's only the option to connect through wifi and i don't even see my PC shows up on the list. Please help :(
  20. windhazard

    Hacking BootNTR 3.2 request!

    Hey guys I have an o3ds on 11.2 with A9LH + Luma. I currently use the BootNTR firm 11.2 support which @astronautlevel released and it works fine. But i don't like the issue of BootNTR 3.4 that forces me to reboot everytime i switch game or even soft reset games. For example when i play FE Fates...
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