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    What would be considered as a copyright violation for open source code?

    So, from gbatemp's rules: This mean it is applicable to some software such as the tx sx os. However, it seems like this rule isn't truly applied for open source software. Most of them in hacking scenes uses the gpl v2 or v3. Even tho it is open source code, license exist for it. And the gpl...
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    Hacking Pegaswitch compatible with 4.1.0 firmware

    So since no one seems to have noticed, a commit added support for 4.1.0 not so long ago: ) You still need something to access services to be able to run most script. Actually we already have that, hekate...
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    Hacking Question Is it possible to install the hb-menu on 4.0.0-4.1.0 (read descripton)

    So, after a quick look at switchbrew, I saw that the exploit used on 3.0.0 to install hbl can be used on 4.0 firms. Since we have access to loader and sm ( and with those all the permissions) by replacing them with hekate, we have everything to "install" the hbl over the album applet on those...
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    Gaming Fixing o buying another dsi, worth it?

    So, actually 3DS TWL Mode is pretty well exploited..... But is it fully exploited? So my question is: If I already have a 3ds, it would be better to stay on that 3ds OR fix my dsi ( think about RocketLauncher and flipnote)? (Typo in the title: I mean or buying)
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    Gaming SD slot "nonfunctional", possible to replace?

    On my old dsi, the sd slot is somewhat nonfunctional... what I mean is that, when inserting an sd card, I must keep it in by myself to be able to copy data... After some research I found this...
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    Hacking Old R4(i) problem

    Issue solved, it seem like it wasn't the micro sd the problem...
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    Greatest hardware configuration for emulation in general

    So those time I search some emulator for ds & wii... But actually it seem like you must get a great processor + a great graphical card + new model of motherboard to make it run at full speed. So what processor + other things you would advice me to use?
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    ROM Hack Any gba2cia linux possibility?

    So I know there is GBA simple CIA converter... But well it's give me error with wine (at the beginning it's with banner tool, but I can only build one exec for linux, but pretty sure it will end like 3DS Simple CIA converter: a super weird error). So I don't know if there is any software for...
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    Hacking [Universal thread] Plailect's Guide translate help

    Hello all! So, after asking the admin of the Discord channel, I created that "invitation" thread. We are currently preparing and coordinating what the translations will be, and we are waiting for Plailect t configurate correctly the translation platform. So YES, these translations will be...
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    Hacking A "gba2cia" for gnu/linux?

    I already saw tool for windows for generating footer and converting a gba to cia,but is this possible on linux? Or I need to use a virtual box?
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    Hacking homebrew_launcher channel freeze on RedNAND

    When I install the latest channel on USB,it simply freeze (same thing with compiling it...)
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    Homebrew Can anyone compile latest SNEEK/UNEEK?

    Hy, Since I do not own legally SMG2,I want to use SNEEK/UNEEK to play with a modded one,but I cannot compile SNEEK by myself,since devkitARM v36 is no longer available for Linux... Anyone can compile it for me with windows? (Guide...
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    Hacking Download a game update manually?

    Hi, I didn't found good tool on linux for downloading game update,so maybe it is possible to download them from Ninti's server and installing them? Thank.
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    Hacking Does WUPinstaller work on 550/551?

    WUPinstaller just need a kernel exploit,does it can be ported and/or already work on these firmware?
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    Hacking Convert a NDS to CIA?

    Does it is possible? I didn't find information about this...
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    Hacking Would you like to see .deb (maybe .rpm,to) packages of some popular 3ds (maybe other console) tools?

    Like devkitARM,and other,3dstool,ctrtool... Related to devkitPro/buildscripts#11 and profi200/Project_CTR#30 . If you want to know more about packaging, read this:
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    Linux: apache2 do not load php...

    After installing php7,and running sudo service apache2 restart, php script do not load... For example,when returning php info: <?php phpinfo(); ?> Firefox supply me to download the file... Any idea on how I can fix?
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    Hacking updating to latest big update of a9lh, stage2 only or all?

    Since stage1 was changed,I don't know if I might redo the installation or only update stage2...
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    Hacking Smash bros hax; how to use?

    A friend,how know pretty anything in 3DS hack, want to hack his 10.7.0 console. His only exploitable game is Super Smash Bros. as a cartridge, but I do not have much knowledge on how to use the wifi exploit. Can anyone help on how to use it? Thank.
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    Hacking Cannot update emuNAND to 10.6 with CIA and/or the net...

    When trying to update with the net,it's brick my emuNAND with the error "An error occured.Please....". When rebooting it after this,it print the same error.... With FBI/BBM,it's give me the same error,BUT I can reboot it normally.... Help please :(
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