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  1. Kevinpuerta

    Gaming Can anyone repair my Pokemon Platnium corrupted .sav file?

    My save file is corrupted but will still load in pokegen with all my pokemons. So is there anyway to repair the .sav file? Thanks
  2. Kevinpuerta

    More IQue Dumps released by SUXXORS.

    More games were added such as Ocarina of time. F-Zero X. Mario 64. Dr Mario. Mario Kart 64. As well as a repack of mario kart 64
  3. Kevinpuerta

    Cemu msvcp140.dll missing error

    used to work but for some reason it wont anymore due to error. Yes, I have visual c++ 2015 installed already. need help thanks
  4. Kevinpuerta

    Gaming Help:Zotac GTX 1050 ti 2gb Dropping frames after a couple of minutes

    I got a Zotac GTX 1050 2gb and if I open up any game itll go from 60fps to 20-30 fps (in game and even in menus) after around 5 minutes Even with emulators like Dolphin any help is appreciated thanks EDIT: its not a ti
  5. Kevinpuerta

    Gaming Does this seem like a realistic price for a gtx 1050 4gb?

    Is it real or a scam Thanks
  6. Kevinpuerta

    Hacking Can I downgrade a PS4 Slim CUH-2015A to ver. 1.76?

    What the title says. Im a noob when it comes to the ps4 scene.
  7. Kevinpuerta

    Is this ebay post real? "Brand new gameboy colors-$40"

    Are the gameboy authentic? $40, and supposedly real and brand new.
  8. Kevinpuerta

    Caught torrenting game. Cox temporary disabling internet. Advice/help?

    I was torrentibg a game and then my internet just shut off. I would get a page saying giving me a reference number for Cox and that the game i was downloading was the reason why they shut it off. I deleted the file and called to get my internet back up. This has happened a couple of times and I...
  9. Kevinpuerta

    Gaming DSi Blinking charging light. Help?

    The charge light is blinking when plugged in with battery plugged in and without it plugged in. Does not power on. Was working yesterday. Any help. Heard you could bridge two points to get this fixed but i dont know which. Thanks
  10. Kevinpuerta

    Homebrew Wiiu IOSU transfer to haxchi?

    Im going to use haxchi now since my system was updated, but I used to play games off an hdd using the iosu app. Will the games and save files from iosu be playable on haxhi? Thanks
  11. Kevinpuerta

    Hardware Coov N100 controller adapter. Ps4 control motion?

    Any one know if motion controls works or how to get it working? Its works great with no noticeable lag except i want to be able to use the motion controls for zelda
  12. Kevinpuerta

    Gaming Help walking me through modding my 3ds.

    Most ive done was with a gateway which i no longer have. I had gateway emunand. Which is the best way for me to install cias and cfw? Where do I start? Should i format my sd card since i had gateway emunand? Should I update to newest firmware? Info: New 3ds xl Ver 11.0.0-20U Previously had...
  13. Kevinpuerta

    Hardware Fix for open tray error?

    Ive only seen bypasses to this but not fixes. Is there a way to just fix it. None of the recommended tips have worked.
  14. Kevinpuerta

    Hardware Changing nintendo accounts?

    I have an nintendo id that i have been using since the 3ds and used it for my wiiu. When the nintendo switch came out, I didnt know that the accounts would be able to work with the switch so I made a new account So the problem is this- I have bought games with the new account but I want to use...
  15. Kevinpuerta

    Gaming Help with optiplex 980 ram issue

    Not sure where to post this but, I have a dell optiplex 980 that i wanted to change the 1gb ram with 2gb ram stick and when I power it on the motherboard makes a beep code.
  16. Kevinpuerta

    PS1/2 Soul calibur 2 exclusive characters mod (Link,Heihachi,Spawn) all in one?

    Any way of modding all 3 to one game, like have all 3 exclusives playable on the ps2? Or at least be able to replace Heiachi with Link in the ps2 version? Would it be as easy as replacing Heiachis files from the ps2 with Links files from the gamecube?
  17. Kevinpuerta

    Hardware My switch also bent.

    Around last week I left the switch on my bed. Couple hours later I picked it up and tried putting in the dock but it wouldnt sit flush with it and I had to use force to get it in. Pulled it out and turns out it was slightly bent. Bent it back in place and it ok. Didnt care to much since it still...
  18. Kevinpuerta

    Hacking Wii vc inject?

    Is it possible? Inject a wiivc console with another iso?
  19. Kevinpuerta

    So im going to buy an Ique 64 depot machine. Possibility of dumping or modding the ique with this??

    Im going to buy one and was wondering since it includes all the hardware used to connect it to a pc, is there a possibility it can read and copy games off it properly? Comes with the connecter and discs(maybe drivers on the disc for ique) Any ideas?
  20. Kevinpuerta

    Hacking F-Zero AX Cabinet Project

    Hi. Im planning to recreate a f zero ax machine. I wont be using the original triforce pcb and game. I will be using a wii running nintendont and mod a gamecube control to pedals and an arcade yoke. Is there a way to make buttons like, a,b,x,y to an axis? Im going to mod the a and b button to...
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