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  1. PotatisKnug

    Hacking Do you need to be online to re-download archived games?

    I wanna install a game, but it's huge. I have 8 gb left on my System Memory and after Doom is done copying (NSP file) it'll be about 2 gb left on the Sd card. I figured, can i go ahead and archive one of my games (23gb) and install doom onto the card, delete the nsp afterwards and then...
  2. PotatisKnug

    Hacking Instantly launch ReiNX when usb cable is plugged in?

    So, i have a server pc which is turned on 24/7 and i figured, if i leave the NS cable plugged into it i could just walk by, plug in the cable and the pc automatically puts reinx on it. My basic idea is Plug USB-C into switch > Pc finds switch > launches reinx AutoRCM is enabled.
  3. PotatisKnug

    Homebrew Question Is reinx working with latest firmare as of 1st of may 2019?

    While also being able to install backups?
  4. PotatisKnug

    Hacking Question When will we get game piracy like the PS4 and Wii U?

    As the title says, when will we be able to launch downloaded games like the ps4 with PS4HEN or like the Wii U with the HAXCHI method? I suspect this will work in conjunction with the homebrew launcher that can be executed through the RCM method. I kindly ask you to state everything you know...
  5. PotatisKnug

    Homebrew Suggestion Homebrew Youtube app?

    I figure a Youtube app would make my Switch 25x more usable since i like watching youtube in the weekends when i'm going to bed and booting up my wii u doesn't really seem worth it to me since i'd have to stand back up and turn it off and unplug the wire to it. If i manage to accidentally sleep...
  6. PotatisKnug

    Hardware What is pin 10 used for?

    I bridged pin 10 and 9 via aluminum foil yesterday and my joycon will not connect to the switch directly. It only works via wireless mode. Is pin 10 used to connect to the console?
  7. PotatisKnug

    Hacking Will PS4HEN ever have a coldboot version?

    The process of having to go into the browser and enable the exploit takes a couple minutes and i thought to ask if anyone has begun to try making a coldboot version that activates as soon as you reach the XMB.
  8. PotatisKnug

    PS1/2 My replacement PS2 laser seems like it's not working.

    I have just put in a BRAND new laser directly from ebay. I plugged it in and mounted it according to this tutorial but the laser doesn't seem to be working. It does go upwards and downwards and has control over the sled to go wherever it wants but it doesn't emit light. i saw that there's two...
  9. PotatisKnug

    PS1/2 Will a burned disc without ESR be bootable in a PS2 at all?

    I got a burned ps2 game from a friend (For free) and i noticed it didn't boot with esr and checked it in my pc, indeed. It was not converted before being burnt. Will i be able to boot it AT ALL? Spiderman 3 for anyone asking.
  10. PotatisKnug

    Hacking Anything going on for 4.0.1?

    No? Yes? When? Why? If yes, please provide a link or a photo.
  11. PotatisKnug

    Gaming Does pirated OG:Xbox discs work in the 360?

    I've been trying to boot some of my pirated xbox discs on my 360, some are on the "Compatibility list" and some are not. The ones who are give out this error. When i search it up i get this which doesn't really make sense. the ones who aren't just give the "This xbox disc is not supported, look...
  12. PotatisKnug

    Hacking What can i use my PSP for in 2018?

    I have a PSP 3004 that's just laying around and i feel so bad that i can't get any entertainment out of it. What can i do with it? Are there any cool homebrew, emulators (name games aswell), Games etc? Say anything and everything.
  13. PotatisKnug

    Hacking 4.55 / 5.0 jailbreak / exploit?

    What's going on right now? Tell me a simple yes / no / maybe. I just wanna hear what's going on, i don't have all the time in the world to crawl the forums. Observe: Don't call me an idiot or an uneducated swine, cause frankly, i don't care.
  14. PotatisKnug

    Hacking Boot burned PS2 discs with multiman

    i found out that if you put a ESR burned PS2 disc into the ps3 drive with multiman opened it will suck in the disc, recognize it, eject it and suck it back in. Then it said the name and region of the game on the disc. I'll try booting it after my ftp copy is done. Interesting.
  15. PotatisKnug

    Hacking There's nothing in the works for 3.0.2, right?

    I wanna update and buy something.
  16. PotatisKnug

    Gaming Can you play NFS 2015 without updating the firmware to a PSN friendly one?

    Yes or no? I really feel like playing it, but i can't update as i'm waiting for homebrew. I'm on 4.55. I know that it's online bound but i remember it having an offline mode aswell.
  17. PotatisKnug

    Hacking Can i create my own VC games to launch from SYSnand?

    Like this. Can i create my own emulator app and install it from WUP installer?
  18. PotatisKnug

    Hacking Could you make custom zelda launch links?

    So, there's these "tips from the wild" things on the switch homescreen which has a button you press. If you do, it launches the game and puts items infront of you. Could you perhaps mod the link and launch it from the built in browser to achieve the same effect with like the hylian shield for...
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