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  1. cynosura

    Homebrew [Release] BallEsca

    Hello, today I release BallEsca, another simple 2D game. Presentation In BallEsca, you control a ball on the touch screen, in order to avoid "ennemies" balls that randomly spawn and cross the screen. It is inspired from NSMBDS "Danger Bob-omb, danger!" minigame. Note: For some reasons, text...
  2. cynosura

    Homebrew [Release] BubblePop

    BubblePop 3DS Hey, this is my first public homebrew release, btw I'm a newbie in dev, and sorry if I don't well speak English ;) Download Presentation BubblePop 3DS is a little 2D game I created using libctru, libsf2d and libsftd. Gameplay Gameplay has never be so simple: A bubble spawn at a...
  3. cynosura

    Homebrew sftdlib issue

    Hello, I have compiled the sftdlib sample using both libctru 1.0 & 1.1, with latest version of sftdlib & sf2dlib, and tried to boot it on old 3ds 9.2 sysnand & 10.7 emunand trought official HBL using ninjhax, browserhax, themehax and hblaucher_loader CIA (all are 2.7 payloads). I don't have any...
  4. cynosura

    Gaming Is MK7 spotpass died?

    As the title said, I don't receive any mk7 spotpass data (ghost., community, etc). I have performed a system update, and tried to delete all mk7 extra data/reinstalled update 1.1, but it still doesn't download anything. Is the problem from my 3ds, or it also happen to you?
  5. cynosura

    Homebrew [Request] Message Application

    Hello! In this thread I explain a new homebrew application idea : An app where you send and receive message from/to others (like a chat), and that create a notification (with home menu notifications app) when someone send you a message. Here is more details: Now that we can do a lot of things...
  6. cynosura

    Homebrew I need help with rand()

    Hi, I'm using the rand() function to determine random x and y positions (I'm working on a project with sf2dlib). But X and Y are always the same. #include <stdlib.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <time.h> #include <math.h> #include <3ds.h> #include <sf2d.h> int main(){ srand(time(NULL))...
  7. cynosura

    Homebrew Need help in using news service

    Hello, I'm trying to use the news service (with libctru). But I don't know how to use it (I don't know how UTF-16 works and how to use it for example). I have searched a lot and I've only found the ctrulib/lpp-3ds repo. Someone made an application that can add notifications, but he has used...
  8. cynosura

    Homebrew Hans & Activity Log

    Nothing important here; Just, it seems when you play a game with HANS, activity log will not count it as the current game, but as Download play : also, here 1 min ≈ 4 min, so if you play IronFall for 30 min, Activity Log will tell you that you have played Dl Play for ≈ 1h30...don't ask me why...
  9. cynosura

    Homebrew Errors when compiling an homebrew

    Hello, I'm trying to compile an "hello world" homebrew written in C++, but I get some errors... It works on windows 7, but not on linux... Can anyone help me ? Thx (and sorry for my bad English.)
  10. cynosura

    Homebrew C or C++ ?

    hello, is the C is "better" than the C++ to dev on a 3DS ? Thanks for any answer. And sorry for my bad English btw
  11. cynosura

    Hacking [question] Homebrew exploit with Miiverse ?

    So you know Smea has just released TubeHax, a new exploit that can launch homebrew. He redirects the youtube mobile website to another website to launch the exploit. AND I think Miiverse uses a "little" web browser like the youtube app to access the official miiverse site and thus adapt it to...
  12. cynosura

    Hacking [Question] downgrading using hardmod method

    Hello !! Can I downgrade a 9.9 3ds using hardmod method ? Thanks for any reply
  13. cynosura

    Hacking Internet browser needs to update

    Hi everyone. Recently I have tried to install a few cia on my 3ds with pasta cfw. But here's the problem : I have tried the big red menu and now internet browser can't be launch and It say he had to perform a system update to be launched. Ninjhax can't be launch, It freeze at 70%. Please can...
  14. cynosura

    Homebrew Is 9.9 better than 9.0 for ninjhax 2 ?

    All is on the title. I don't know if I update or no... The 9.0 system has been installed with 3dnus (there were 2 missing CIA during the installation)... The 9.9 sys is newer than 9.0. So can anyone help me ? Thanks :) (Sorry for my bad english)
  15. cynosura

    Homebrew CTRULIB error when compiling

    Hello, I get errors when i try to compile homebrew (for exemple here i try to compile HB Menu myself). I can only compile simple homebrew like "hello world"... can anyone help me please ? thanks ! PS : "make" command told me to set CTRULIB in my environment, so I create "CTRULIB" path with...
  16. cynosura

    Gaming SpotPass glitch in SwapNote

    Hi ! I've found a glitch in swapnote. You know spotpass has been stopped by Nintendo in 2013. BUT : I recently found a glitch which allow me to select "SpotPass" Option when I want to send letter via SpotPass. Warning, I don't know if Nintendo Swapnote server are down. I only can select...
  17. cynosura

    Hacking 3ds restore nand

    hey, I have a CFW nand and i want to restore it into my real sysnand. can i brick my 3ds with it? thanks for help !
  18. cynosura

    Homebrew DS emulator

    Hi everyone ! I have an homebrew idea, is it possible to program a Nintendo DS emulator like blargsnes or gameyob for the 3DS with ninjhax ?? Thanks !!
  19. cynosura

    Hacking Can I install EmuNand in SysNand ?

    Hi ! I want to update my 3ds to 9.2 and NOT the latest firmware (9.8). So I want to know if it's possible to update emunand with 3dNUS and after inject EmuNand into SysNand ? Thanks !!
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