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  1. JFizDaWiz

    Why does everyone hate Epic?

    I keep seeing hate, but rarely see a reason. Searching the forums for Epic (title only) doesn't give me a good place to start (only 2 threads I see Jan 2020 and 2019) I've been using it this whole time for free games, bought maybe 4 games (2 of which with free $10 off coupons) of the DOZENS in...
  2. JFizDaWiz

    Hacking I was able to update firmware via emummc on banned console

    So are we able to still get software updates and install them through the system like normal on a banned console while running emuMMC? Because I was clicking too fast and said "install update" and it installed just fine. Only other posts I could easily find were from the 6.2 update days. Just...
  3. JFizDaWiz

    Homebrew RELEASE nx-hbmenu v3.3.0

    Extract this archive to the root of the microSD card. See Switchbrew for details on the new features. Features: HID input is now accepted from all controllers including handheld when connected, instead of determining which controllers to use...
  4. JFizDaWiz

    Hacking Question I 'thought' I was in EmuMMC

    been running Atmoshpere (Kosmos 14.2) for a few weeks, was on OFW 9.0 and followed guide: I can boot no problem, been playing games no problem, just used ChoiDujourNX to upgrade to 9.0.1, no problem but I just noticed: Current system version: 9.0.1|AMS 0.9.4|S S...
  5. JFizDaWiz

    Hacking [Help] Transfer NNID from o3DS (CFW) to n3DS and restore.

    I've searched and couldn't find a definitive answer to this. I have an o3DS with 9.2 sysNAND and 10.6 emuNAND. I want to purchase a n3DS. So I want to transfer my NNID and then return the o3DS back to stock 9.2. What is the safest way to go about this, I don't care about transferring games, I...
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