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  1. september796

    New 2DS cartridge slot does not register insertion/ejection unless in sleep mode

    Basically I need help on what the title says. When the game (physical, of course) is read properly, ejecting it will not refresh the icon on the home menu unless I do the same while the lid is closed (sleep mode). Same situation the other way around: inserting a game while the lid is open will...
  2. september796

    Gaming "An update is required to start this software" VC wii u

    I'm getting this message "An update is required to start this software" that won't let me start a VC game (000500001010a100) which is odd because afaik VC titles don't update. I've tried reinstalling, deleting its ticket, etc. This is not an inject but an official VC title. This is the only one...
  3. september796

    Gaming Verify WUP files are correct & complete

    I know there are many threads about this error but they don't solve it in this case and I didn't want to necropost.. It happens with one single vc game and I cant figure out why. The error tells me to run sig patch and that's what I do and I had no problem installing other titles except this...
  4. september796

    Gaming New physical releases for Wii U (2020)

    In case someone didn't know there's been a few new releases for Wii U! Shmup Collection [PAL only sadly] Includes Satazius Next and ARMED 7 DX. Finding Teddy II [PAL only] This was already available as digital...
  5. september796

    Homebrew cafe2wii overclocked vWii emulators questions

    Hi, these days I've been playing vWii emulators instead of wii u's retroarch for a few reasons: 1. Easy Gamepad brightness adjustment (start+up/down) 2. Can completely shut down Gamepad by holding its power button for a few seconds, then be able to turn it on again to continue playing session...
  6. september796

    Homebrew Stuck on 1 step of the guide

    Hi, I was following the dsi cfw guide. I was able to install unlaunch but can't install hiyacfw. I was at the point of when you have to install hiyacfw thought hiya helper into the sd card. The process went perfect, then I inserted it in my dsi, went to options>no button but it does not list...
  7. september796

    Hardware How do you play n64 VC games on wiiU?

    I have played a lot of n64 games on VC but I think the game I played the most was SM64. At first I did find it weird to use the right analog stick as the C buttons but then somehow kinda got used to it. Until I recently started playing majora's mask and realised once again how weird and...
  8. september796

    Hardware where to find 2ds speaker replacement?

    so my 2ds have this crackling sounding speaker issue that annoys the s* out of me. I think I can replace it myself. I want to ask here if the old3ds uses the same speaker as the 2ds? as I did find o3ds speaker replacement but not 2dss.
  9. september796

    Misc transfer back from new to old alternative?

    As we know, it is not possible to perform a transfer from a new 3ds to an old 2ds/3ds. Thing is I really need to do it cos I'm going to sell my new 3ds and gonna keep my old 2ds/3ds. So I have this theory but I need some opinions on this: -what I plan to do is format my new3ds with my nnid on it...
  10. september796

    Hardware Cannot link a new account

    Since my ps3 hasn't been used in several years now, I lend it to my brother to watch netflix. But apparently you need a psn account in order to access that app. The problem is that the console already has a account attached... it's been formated since then, doesn't have the same users. I don't...
  11. september796

    Gaming DSi to DSi transfer?

    Is it possible to transfer games and software data from one DSi to another? I know it's possible to transfer to a 3DS, but here I'm going to buy a second mint DSi in order to sell the one I got which is in not so great condition. I've got a few dsiware titles + data from flipnote, dsicamera...
  12. september796

    Hardware Is there a real fix for a wobbly 3ds?

    I know the hinge on the upper part of a 3ds is supposed to wobble a little bit. As long as it clicks it's all fine according to nintendo's website. But it's just so annoying, specially when you are playing in bed and you hold the console in a sorta vertical angle the screen goes one way and...
  13. september796

    Gaming [request] xenoblade chronicles 3D saves

    I'm requesting a save file to continue from where I'm on the wii version. I'm level 33 in makna forest. I found this ( which would be almost perfect but it seems to be a flashcart save so idk how could I...
  14. september796

    Hardware issue with c-stick

    My NEW 3DS' c-stick works in all directions but it is not as sensitive going left, right or down as it is going up. I'll explain it this way: up: 100% (perfect sensitivity, easy to use and precise) right: 85% (not as sensitive but not that noticeable) left: 80% (you need to press it harder, a...
  15. september796

    ROM Hack How can I find a certain game under the Nintendo 3DS folder?

    Hi, after I installed CFW I lost my saves! even though I am still able to re-download my eshop games.. I don't want to lose my save files. I have a backup of my 'Nintendo 3DS' folder but some of the files got corrupted and cannot copy back to the sd. I want to rescue at least my pokemon Y save...
  16. september796

    Hacking how can I get homebrew launcher back in 11.4?

    My CFW N3DS is now on 11.4. Everything was OK until for some stupid reason I deleted the 'Nintendo 3DS' folder from the sd card. Later I realized that homebrew launcher was gone too. Since my n3ds still boots to cfw I was wondering if there's a way to get menu titles back or they are sort of...
  17. september796

    Homebrew an alternative to savegame_manager?

    Hi there, I'm unable to backup/restore saves from my DS cartridges using this tool (named in the title) just because it uses ftp and we all know that DS/DSL only manage WEP security conection.. so they can't conect to my router. There is no option to switch to WEP in my router's configuration...
  18. september796

    Homebrew one minor question about bundle consoles with preinstalled games

    for those who have bundled consoles with preinstalled games. Do they show up in "downloaded software" menu from eshop or you have to find the game in the catalog to re-download? I was wondering if it was the same as I'm installing legit cia.. because legit cia games don't show up in that menu...
  19. september796

    Homebrew motionplus inside not compatible with some homebrews

    I was wondering if there's a solution for those homebrews not recognizing newer wiimotes. Particulary GXGEO which is a neogeo emulator that I'm trying to run but can't since I have a motionplus wiimote. In case there's nothing I could do (besides getting an older wiimote) is there an alternative...
  20. september796

    Hacking Is it safe to install wiiware/VC wads on vwii?

    I was wondering if they are all safe to install or if there's a list of compatibility or something. Threads I have researched are very old on this topic and I created this just to confirm. so.. 1. is it safe to install VC wads on vwii? I'm pretty sure it is as it is shown in this video and it...
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