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  1. XLuma

    Hacking vWii keeps crashing no matter wich channel I launch

    So today I spent like, 5 hours trying to get the vWii mode on my Wii U hacked. But when I injected wuphax in the Mii Channel, now every channel makes the console hard crash and I have to unplug it to power it off. I tried: -Restoring the Mii Channel -Using vWii Decaffeinator in advanced, light...
  2. XLuma

    ROM Hack [Tutorial] Pokemon Rom Hacking (Gen4) Thread

    Welcome ! This is a thread, wich will be updated as time passes. The goal is to have everything documented in this thread, and easy to follow for anyone wanting to start their own rom hack. A few things to note : Links and pictures will be added later, but for the software, everything can be...
  3. XLuma

    ROM Hack Question Help regarding extraction of SwSh

    Hi there So as you may know, Pokemon Sword and Shield got leaked, thus leading to datamines and modding of the game. I wanted to get a looka t the games files to eventually, build mods for it. So I grabbed an xci of the game, used hactool to extract all the nca's, wich worked perfectly fine...
  4. XLuma

    ROM Hack Question Informations about .NSX files ?

    Hey guys ! So I found a couple Switch titles dumped under a .NSX extension, wich is kinda unusual since dumps have to be compressed as .nsp or .xci... and apparently, there is nothing about this file extension (as far my researches has been) So I wondered if anyone here know anything about .NSX...
  5. XLuma

    Your thought about these Rewards services

    So you may have seen those services; Where you download an app, reach a point in the game/play for X time and get an Y amount of credits, wich you can use to buy giftcards mostly (like AppNana or Featurepoint) Despite being totally legit, what do you think about these services ? Do you agree...
  6. XLuma

    Suggestion Add option to add tags to our thread

    This wasn’t proposed, so I’m proposing it Would it be possible to add an option to add tags to our thread before posting it ? (Or keywords) I think it would be a good feature because it would be easier to search for a thread in gbatemp or in google (since there are keywords, the thread will be...
  7. XLuma

    Tutorial How to put custom songs in XY (finally)

    Hey guys ! So maybe you have seen me posting threads about this, wanting to know how to do it. Well today I will show you how to do it yourself ! Credits to recordreader and PlatinumMaster for achieving this in first and showing me how to do it myself, super appreciated :) You will need - An XY...
  8. XLuma

    ROM Hack XY custom music ?

    Has anyone achieved to put custom music in pokemon XY ? Didn't found much about XY music, except : -music are .aac files -apparently, the loop points are stored in the .bcsar (with apparently contains CWAR and CWAV files) -manually looping a .aac won't work, for some reason (maybe because of the...
  9. XLuma

    Tutorial [HOW TO] Change battle background in usum (wifi battles)

    This is a quick tutorial on how to change the background when you are fighting. Works both in game and wifi battle, and works on console and citra. I’m starting this tutorial assuming you already have an extracted game. 1: In the ExtractedRomFS folder, go to a/0/8/1 2: Launch Pk3DS, tools...
  10. XLuma

    ROM Hack Oras map texture edit ?

    Hi ! So i found the map model and map textures in oras but for some reason, the texture doesn’t show up when I’m truing to view it Does anyone know how to view/edit textures of the maps ? Any help is appreciated :)
  11. XLuma

    Hacking USUM Pokemon cries

    Hello ! So I found the pokemon cries in UsUm (a073) But idk what to do next I think I know where they are in the .bins But when I’m decompressing, I’m just getting a dec.bin of 0ko If anyone know some tips it would be appreciated :)
  12. XLuma

    ROM Hack XY/ORAS/SM/USUM pokemon cries?

    Hello! Does anyone here know where pokemon cries are stored in each games ? Since they are not in the sound folder.... I wanted to make a bit of editing by replacing pokemon by others, but the cries are missing... If anyone know where they are located, let me know :p
  13. XLuma

    ROM Hack Pokemon XY texture location

    Hey! I just wanted to know if anyone could point me the direction to the texture of Xerneas, Zygarde and Yveltal in those .bin files from the garc a/0/0/7 I have been searching for a while and everything is on ORAS so not working... and also explain me how to open them in ohana3ds, because it is...
  14. XLuma

    9.3.5 Jailbreak is out!!!

    Hey guys just a couple of hours ago Thimstar and Siguza just released the first real jailbreak for iOS 9.3.5 You can find the link to it on their twitter or on GeoSnow youtube channel (cause of gbatemp piracy rules ) Enjoy :D Question: What is the first tweak and theme you installed? EDIT...
  15. XLuma

    ROM Hack pk3ds error

    Hi! Today I just attempted to lauch pk3ds and i am keeping getting this error Exception Details: System.BadImageFormatException: Could not load file or assembly 'pk3DS.Core, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' or one of its dependencies. The module was expected to contain an...
  16. XLuma

    ROM Hack [WIP] Pokemon Rainbow X and Shadow Y

    NOTE: I’m going to update OP with screenshot, battles and other stuff soon, stay tuned Hello! Here I'm creating a rom hack of Pokemon X/Y. There will be a legit version, and a randomized one. FEATURES - A brand new story! - Harder than the original game - Custom models for some pokemons and...
  17. XLuma

    Hardware Usb drive protected

    So here is my issue I'm trying to copy and paste a game to a usb drive to an other But, it doesn't work because it seems that the second one is protected (cannot write on it) The wii u did format it successfully, and the wii u read it successfully I tried to format it completly on my PC and...
  18. XLuma

    Hardware Way to get free games?

    Hi guys! So I searched a bit to get free games and I found something that didn't look like bullshit So the trick is you're taking a friend account (or public account) you connect this account on this xBox and in the option, you put the option make this account my main account And then you have...
  19. XLuma

    ROM Hack Pokemon RBY Save file edit

    So, I got Pokemon Red/Blue on my 3DS and i was wondering if I could import a completed save to my game. So I downloaded one, renamed it sav.dat (because when I export it, it's a sav.dat) importing the save again, but when I both up the game, it say ''The save file is corrupted". So, is there a...
  20. XLuma

    Homebrew File manager on 3ds?

    Hello guys! I just wanted to know, is there a file manager that can view the content in .zip files? Because I downloaded some .zip on my 3ds but I can't open them and CTRXplorer don't have this option and ORGANIZ3D don't work for me...
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