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  1. Heritor

    Hacking How can i unlock spotpass character and its mission on fire emblem awakening

    Hey, bro, you can save edit your save if you can extract it with checkpoint utilizing the spotpassunlocker. Be sure to unpack it first with FEST, Fire Emblem Save Tool, then run it through the spotpassunlocker and repack it with FEST again.
  2. Heritor

    ROM Hack [Fire Emblem: Awakening] Project Thabes

    There is a preliminary testing version over on gamebanana with compatibility but it is still not in a state where I feel it good enough to release fully to everywhere else I've posted Project Thabes. You're welcome to try it, please report any bugs or missing supports.
  3. Heritor

    ROM Hack [Fire Emblem: Awakening] Project Thabes

    I appreciate the interest. I've considered it on and off, and I think the best solution would be to unlock the paralogues early, yes. It'll be in the next public build. You'll have to wait for another paralogue and/or main chapter to open up nearby to reach them, though, and that's something I...
  4. Heritor

    ROM Hack [Fire Emblem: Awakening] Project Thabes

    Hello, people at GBAtemp! I'm Heritor, an amateur 3DSFE romhacker and creator of a rather ambitious proof-of-concept project (at least, it started that way) for Fire Emblem: Awakening, dubbed Project Thabes. (yeah, apparently we can edit the title screen now.) This project aims to overhaul...
  5. Heritor

    Hello, I exist.

    With everything that's happened to the world these past two years, I wouldn't be surprised if nobody else did. Yay, people who exist.
  6. Heritor

    How is your day?

    Just got off work, now that it's the weekend I can waste my time doing nothing productive whatsoever.
  7. Heritor

    How old are you?

    Generation V was the best generation of Pokemon.
  8. Heritor

    Who the hell are you?

    I'm told by some I exist, though after doing my own research I have come to the conclusion that results do not indicate whether that is true or not. I romhack games, ruin them beyond repair, and generally create things that would make people's childhood nostalgia cower in fear. Or something...
  9. Heritor

    Hello, I exist.

    I'm Heritor, an amateur 3DS Fire Emblem Romhacker with ambitions bigger than his own motivation to create, except when the motivation is high and I get something done for once in my life. I exist, you may see me around, and I hope to contribute to the growth of 3DSFE romhacking in some way...
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