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  1. boo1210

    How to toggle between pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl ???

    Hello, does anyone knows how to toggle/choose between pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl on hacked switch? (After installation of the game it shown Pokemon Brilliant Diamond) Is it 2 games in 1 ??? And how do I know which version I'm playing? Please Reply if you know, thanks :)
  2. boo1210

    Hacking HELP_Switch games not working on Refurbished switch (10.0 Firmware), on Atmosphere 0.1 1.1-neutos

    I'm running Atmosphere 0.1 1.1-neutos cfw on a Refurbished switch (10.0 Firmware). After installing games with goldleaf and starting the games for few mins and there’s this pop up showing “The software was closed because of an error occurred” And there are times where the game froze and the...
  3. boo1210

    Homebrew Question How to change Switch's Homebrew loading setting, to load with R button????

    Hello I'm on 9.1.0 on my switch, using the latest Atmosphere. When I click on the album it load into the homebrew menu. How do I change it to load with the R button ??? Help...Anyone? :)
  4. boo1210

    Gaming Why Games are not working on 8.0 Firmware Switch, Using Kosmos Payloads ???? Anyone Knows why ???

    I'm was using ReiNX on 8.0 Firmware and it works fine, but when I switched to Kosmos latest Payloads, all the games thats was preciously installed is not working, It said " Unable to start software, Return to HOme button and try again" (it's the same mgs when trying to play the games without the...
  5. boo1210

    Hacking HELP!!! tinfoil not working on switch 7.0.1...Failed to install nsp

    Try to install nsp on 7.0.1using tinfoil after updating and not working, getting this msg: (using Atmosphère 0.8.5) Preparing install... Failed to install NSP! OpenFileSystemWithId:102: Failed to open file system with id...
  6. boo1210

    Hacking Why themes not working on Switch 6.2 firmware ?

    My themes is not working on Switch 6.2 firmware, help..anyone? I placed the theme file 0100000000001000 into the Reinx/ titles on my micro sd card, booted and nothing show up.
  7. boo1210

    Hacking HELP !_Payloads won't inject on my Switch_6.0 Frimware

    Just brought a new switch, updated to 6.0 and tried to inject the payloads_(ReiNX/Atmosphere) with TrgraRCMGUI.4.2. When I plugged my Switch into my pc it said payload already in injected and THERE'S NOTHING ON THE SWITCH's SCREEN. I formated the memmory card and tried many times and did not...
  8. boo1210

    Hacking HELP_Switch won't turn on after turned off, with REINX CFW on 6.0.1 firmware

    I updated my Switch to the latest firmware 6.0.1, installed Reinx...installed the games and works fine. But when I turned off my switch (Not power off completely) and minutes later I tried to turn it back on by pressing the power button it won't turn on, nothing on the screen. So I have to push...
  9. boo1210

    Hacking Why is Backup SysNAND Failed on godmode / boot9strap hax ???

    Why is Backup SysNAND Failed on godmode / boot9strap hax ??? I'm using 32 gb memory card, anyone know why it failed to back up the sysnand ???
  10. boo1210

    Gaming Poke. Ultra Moon cia installation...cia cert signature or has check failed

    When I tried to install pokemon Ultra Moon cia with FBI when its done it said... cert signature or has check failed. Help, anyone knows why? :) I tried to install two different cias and same thing happened, failed. I'm running the latest Boot8strap CFW. Is it because the game is not release yet...
  11. boo1210

    Homebrew A9LH to B9S_ Luma3DS chainloader menu won't load

    I'm updating my New 3DS xl from A9LH to B9S. Got all the right files and everything. When I press start & power on it always load to GodMode9 but not the Luma3DS chainloader menu. I checked everything but couldn't figure why it won't load to the chainloader menu (no problems on my old 3DS)...
  12. boo1210

    Homebrew R4i Gold 3DS (RTS)/Acekard 2i_B9S installation (ntrboot)

    Hi. Does anyone knows if the R4i Gold 3DS (RTS)/Acekard 2i flash cards be reuse after the B9S installation (ntrboot), without restoring to original form? And can it be reuse after restoing it?
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